Bright Red Kitchen Cabinets

10 Best Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for Ultra-Modern Kitchens

Bright Red Kitchen Cabinets

While renovating or remodeling a kitchen, custom made kitchen cabinets should be at the top of your list to replace. They make a beautiful addition to your kitchen and enhance its overall appeal with functionality. If your kitchen’s condition is getting worse, and you think it is the right time to change the entire look, install modern kitchen cabinets that compliment your home decor. Get inspired by our 10 top-picked kitchen cabinet ideas for ultra-modern kitchens, and make your kitchen space look stylish and sophisticated.

Our picks will help you to narrow the array of in-trend kitchen cabinet ideas, and simplify your decision about choosing the best design to spruce up your kitchen decor.

1. Modern Glossy Black Cabinets

If you don’t want to go with simple wooden cabinets that bestow very uncouthly appeal to the whole kitchen. Go with all-black glossy cabinets that will instantly provide an irresistible charm to your kitchen space. Black cabinets make a kitchen space look extra modish and lavish. Just make sure to pair black with fine gray and some wooden textures to provide elegance to your kitchen decor. Remember the trick, black only goes well with large spaces.

10 Best Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for Ultra Modern Kitchens Image: House Beautiful

2. Pair Cream With Some Dark Wooden Textures

Not daring enough to do experiment with dark or colorful hues in your kitchen? Keep it modish yet tasteful with glistening off-white cabinets in combination with dark wooden textured kitchen island and wall cabinets. Cream kitchen cabinets are popular for a very good reason among people who can’t make up their mind with colored cabinets. The color keeps the kitchen look clean, bright, and enticing even when dirty dishes are piled sky-high in the sink.

Modern kitchen cabinet ideas 2021 Image: Compass Kitchens

3.Modern Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

For a neutral look that still has some personality, go with modern wooden cabinets. Light-hued wooden cabinets with a smooth finish inject a little more character and class than other hues in a kitchen without taking away the simplicity. Wooden cabinets with modern lighting and wall decor also provide certain sophistication and expressive character to any kitchen configuration. Match your wooden cabinets with metallics and whites, and create a cookhouse uniquely for you.

Mordern Wooden Kitchen cabinets Image: Compass Kitchens

4. Petrol Blue in Combination with White

This kitchen space with petrol blue cabinets is an inspiration for people looking for a kitchen to standalone in their homes. In an elegant combination with pure white, the enticing blue cabinets with fine lines and smooth finish are creating an amazing atmosphere in the kitchen. The combination of both the colors is really chic, creates a very minimalist and clean atmosphere in a kitchen.

Sky Blue Kitchen Cabinets Image: Pinterest

5. Classic Red and Gray Combo

Morden kitchens are not all about including white, black, or metallic hues. Red, green, orange, and blue also can be modern too. Take a cue from this kitchen space, which is beautifully designed incorporating bright red and gray. To make a huge style statement in your kitchen, consider installing curved cabinets beneath the kitchen island. And for an extra lavish touch, install silver metallic cabinets with glass doors as installed in the space in the picture below. The combination will surely improve your kitchen’s aesthetic value to the next level.

Bright Red Kitchen Cabinets Image: Pinterest

6. Metallic Gray Kitchen Cabinets

This kitchen with metallic gray cabinets is both highly functional and style-forward. Gray cabinets with stannic texture look extremely elegant and timeless in any kind of kitchen arrangement. Just try to add a pop of color in your space to look it more interesting and vibrant. You can skip installing cabinets above the kitchen countertop. Instead, install them on a corner accent wall. It will make your kitchen look more spacious and bright.

Mettalic Kitchen cabinet ideas for modern kitchen Image: Compass Kitchens

7. Modern Off-White Kitchen Cabinets

After admiring these unique kitchen designs with different colored and styled cabinets, you must want to look at something subtle and simple. Have a look at this modern kitchen with off-white kitchen cabinets, paired with wooden countertops and a complete white island in the middle. All these together make an ideal kitchen space for people looking for an attractive and bright kitchen space. Consider installing a floating shelf and some display cabinets above the shelf. It is a clever way to add style and function to any kitchen. Also, to add grace and sophistication create a gallery wall on a corner wall to showcase your love for art.

Off white wooden Kitchen cabinet Image: Compass Kitchens

8. Experiment With a Shade of Blue

Here’s a kitchen your relatives will not have but will surely envy when they see it. Be bold enough to try out creating a space with turquoise blue cabinets with a silver countertop. It is the best way to provide a kitchen very sexy and subtle vibe. To make your space a little more interesting, balance it out with fusible kitchen accessories and modern LED lights. Going with this color combination will make your space look vibrant and maximalist.

10 Best Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for Ultra Modern Kitchens 3 Image: Homedit

9. Glossy White Kitchen Cabinets

Nothing can be better in a kitchen than glistening white cabinets that reflect sunshine into your home. If the idea of having bright colored cabinets sends you frightening chills up your spine, then maybe a simple white kitchen with glossy white cabinets may be the best choice for you. Glossy white cabinets look like a newly painted luxury car parked in a modern kitchen space. They make your pace look large, clean, and bright. Just ensure to pair them with top-class kitchen appliances and bright LED lights to make your space look luxurious and never like before.

White Glossy Kitchen Cabinet Image: Giuseppe Burgio

10. Light Green With Glossy White

Green can enliven your space in combination with whites and grays. Opt for light green cabinets and match them up with white countertops and walls. This will make your space pop but not too flashy. Keep some of your cabinets open with no doors. This will make cooking easier and will also allow you to display your beautiful cookware. Make sure to brighten up your space with good quality LED panels.

Light Green Kitchen Cabinets Image: Sebring Design Build

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