10 Best Witch Wreaths for Witch Themed Halloween Decoration

10 Best Witch Wreaths for Witch-Themed Halloween Decoration

10 Best Witch Wreaths for Witch Themed Halloween Decoration

Halloween is almost here again, and it’s time for us to decide on how to dazzle our homes for the spooky celebration. If you are into witches this year, you must scroll down till the end. People today, no more see a witch only as an old ugly lady with a big wart on her nose, and dirty black clothes with broom stick.  And you can see this change in their Halloween decoration.

People are representing witches as beautiful, strong-minded, evil ladies who also know how to dress up, manage to look beautiful with extraordinary makeup skills. Take an example of Evil Queen from sleeping beauty. She was not at all like typical looking witches. Some will say, she was not even a witch, but I personally don’t see a much difference. So keeping the current trend in mind, I have got you 10 best witch wreaths that will definitely jazz up Halloween decoration in a different colorful way. Have a look.

1. Witch Burlap Wreath

The Witch Burlap Wreath can be easily made with readily available stuff. To make this you need burlap, purple and black fabric, orange and black striped or checked cloth, witch hat, some pompom, and sequenced spiders. You can take basic idea of its design from the picture. The wreath is also available to purchase at Etsy by Stef’s Simple Splendors.

Witch Burlap Wreath

2. Flying Lesson Witch Wreath

The Flying Lesson Witch Wreath is perfect to welcome evil spirits in your home. It’s bright, wicked and joyous at the same time. Hang it over your front door and add mysterious charm to your Halloween celebration.

Flying Lesson Witch Wreath 1

3. Happy Witch Wreath

This cute witch looks happy as if she is enjoying the fever of the festive season. The wreath by Christyscra Creations is available to buy on Etsy for $85, and it’s not even tough to craft for with good crafting skills. This is so adorable and will stand out differently with your other decoration.

Best Halloween Witch Wreath Ideas

4. Burlap Witch Wreath

This is cute, bright, and perfect to spruce up the Halloween vibes into your space. You can make it easily with readily available supplies at home like burlap, deco mesh, orange and back fabric, and slender sticks. It’s simple but amazing to welcome your guest at the door for the spooky party.

DIY Burlap Witch Wreath For Halloween 1

5. Purple Witch Wreath

Crafted by Sew Crafty Crochet, this purple witch wreath uses props from the Dollar Tree. The DIY process for it is very easy. Once you have the supplies, it’ll just take less than 30 minutes to complete the project.

Purple Witch Wreath

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6. Witch Wreath by Crafts By Angie Shop

This witch wreath by Crafts By Angie Shop is full of vibrant colors and textures and is perfect to provide your front door a fresh look. It is made on wireframe using various premium-quality deco mesh of different colors.

best Halloween Witch wreaths to buy online

7. Maleficent Wreath

Handcrafted by Stephanie of Get Your Craft, this is Maleficent Wreath is really incredible. It will surely become the favorite piece of decoration in your home for Maleficent fans. Stephanie literally stitched all the goodies together to give it the desired look that she saw on Pinterest.

10 Best Witch Wreaths for Witch Themed Halloween Decoration 1

8. A Crash Witch Wreath

Omg! this looks hilarious. The crash witch wreath will bring a smile to your guests’ faces on the entryway. You can easily make it at home if you have all the supplies. All you have to do is look at the picture and attach the supplies on the wireframe, exactly as shown in the picture. Must try it.

10 Best Witch Wreaths for Witch Themed Halloween Decoration 1 1

9. Wicked Witch Halloween Wreath

This is for people who want to terrify people with their Halloween decoration. I am pretty much sure it’ll spook shit out of your neighbors. Learn to make this creepy witch-headed wreath by Made in a day.

Best Halloween Creepy Witch Wreath

10. Colorful Witch Wreath

This witch wreath is all set to enjoy the Halloween party with you. It’s wearing a pretty colorful dress to spruce up the party feel and attract the little ones around you. Anyone with good sewing skills can craft it, just make sure you have collected the colorful tule and deco mesh before you start.

Best DIY witch wreaths for Halloween

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