20 Most Creative Animal Inspired Lamps For Nature Lovers featured

20 Most Creative Animal-Inspired Lamps For Nature Lovers

20 Most Creative Animal Inspired Lamps For Nature Lovers featured

Nature lovers are more likely to keep their décor nature-inspired to express their love for nature and every living creature on the planet. They can’t resist collecting unusual wildlife or animal-inspired décor items to bring the natural world inside to enhance their decor in a unique, exciting, and elegant manner. I have compiled a list of animal-inspired lamps which will surely brighten up your space and bring a sense of contentment to it. They are great to add a fun element, character, and class to any room of your house. They’ll even allow you to express who you are as a nature lover with ease and elegance. Have a look at them.

1. CUJO Cat Lamp by Seletti

The CUJO Lamp is definitely designed for a cat person by studio Job for Seletti. It is a wireless lamp in the shape of an angry black cat with lightened eyes, and golden nails. The playful lamp with pleasant patterns on its surface seems like a real cat, who’s ready to protect you. The rechargeable cat lamp is dimmable and comes with a battery that lasts up to 30 hours after you charge it fully. It is available to purchase on the designer’s website.

20 Most Creative Animal Inspired Lamps For Nature Lovers

2. Haoshi’s Lion X Lighting

Haoshi’s Lion X Lighting is a perfect blend of form, functionality, and nature. It’s an amazing lighting accessory for modern homes to balance the setting with a little earthly feel. The lion-shaped floor lamp with a LED collar on its neck instantly brings exquisiteness, purity and peace to the interiors. Let this elegant white lion be the guardian of your property. It can be purchased for $52,00 from the Haoshi’s official website.

Haoshis Lion X Lighting

3. Caterpillar Lamp

This is a retro black workroom caterpillar-inspired lamp made using industrial pipes. The lamp is the right choice for people who like collecting antique and unusual home decor items. It is designed to go well with rustic and traditional interiors, and having it in a study room of a farmhouse will be a treat to eyes.

Caterpillar Lamp

4. Cute Cartoon Puppy Lamp

This Cute Cartoon Puppy Lamp by Bright Night Lamps is the Perfect Gift you were looking for your children or your dog lover friends. The lovely lamp gives off a nice, soft bright glow. It is perfect to adequately light a normal-sized room. Buy it for $33.68 from Etsy.

Cute Cartoon Puppy Lamp

5. Ti.Vedo lamp

The Ti.Vedo lamp in the shape of an owl by Karman is specially designed for bird lovers. It is designed in white matt ceramic finish to give your interiors a modern elegant appeal with the sense of being with nature. The owl-shaped lamp has two lightened eyes that glow up to provide your space amazing brighten space.

Ti.Vedo lamp

6. Ugo Rilla Wall Lamp

Ugo Rilla Wall Lamp by Matteo Ugolini for Karman is an amazing choice for a wildlife refuge. It is designed in the shape of a Gorilla, who’s holding a light with three halogen bulbs in its mouth to provide your interior enriching aura and treat to your eyes.

Ugo Rilla Wall Lamp

7. Large Sitting Leopard Floor Lamp

This Large Sitting Leopard Floor Lamp is to add a dramatic and royal appeal to your house. It comes in gold metallic hue with antiqued effect to make your house look imperial. The life-sized leopard lamp with a black and metallic lighting fixture on its head will sure to get everyone talking.

Large Sitting Leopard Floor Lamp

8. Monkey Lamp by Seletti

The Monkey Lamp by Seletti will be a fun addition to a kid’s room. The mischievous seated monkey holds a light socket with an LED bulb on its one hand to brighten up your room with soft warm light. The cool lamp adds an exciting wildlife allure to your space, and the best thing is that it can be used both indoors and outdoors, as it comes with a durable body.

Monkey Lamp by Seletti

9. Stalking Panther Table Lamp

The Stalking Panther Table Lamp is just right to bring some wildness to your table. It is a piece of art to lighten up your evening with a soft and warm glow. The wild beast is long and narrow in form, so you can easily place it anywhere where you have limited space.

Stalking Panther Table Lamp

10. Bird Lamp

This amazing bird lamp in the shape of a crow is made from resin. The obliging bird holds the light for you in its beak to dazzle your space with elegance and an exclusive atmosphere of an aviary. It’s a creation of nature love brand Seletti again.

20 Most Creative Animal Inspired Lamps For Nature Lovers 6

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11. Dog Lamp

Add a soft glow to your room with these charming dog table lamps. Show people that you are a real dog lover by getting one of these, and I am sure people who’ll visit your house compliment you about your lamp choice. Each lamp from the series is so adorable with a cute puppy face that nobody can ignore.

charming dog table lamps

12. Panda Night Lamp

The Panda Night Lamp by Bright Night Lamps on Etsy is the perfect gift for a little one in your home or for a girlfriend that loves animals more than anything, and also loves to read books at night. The adorable lamp brightens up your space with a warm white glow that feels so soothing for eyes.

Panda Night Lamp

13. Sea Turtle Night Light

This can be a cool Christmas gift for a Thalassophile. The Sea Turtle Night Light is hand-carved by the artist using reverse sculpting techniques. The beautiful acrylic nightlight uses LED lights to glow up your space, which means it is long-lasting and provides a pleasing warm glow.

Sea Turtle Night Light

14. Mouse Lamps

These cute white mouse lamps will beautifully illuminate every corner of your room with a lovely and pleasant glow. They are cast in resin, and each mouse in the collection is holding a LED bulb sitting standing in a cute position to offer you some illuminated love.

cute white mouse lamps

15. Fairlee Flamingo Table Lamp

This Fairlee Flamingo Table Lamp is the best choice to bring style and illumination together in a room. It’s in the shape of a flamingo bird with one leg up. The flamingo in gold metallic hue is wearing a lamp head like a dress on its body to give the lamp a distinctive look.

Fairlee Flamingo Table Lamp

16.Otto Octopus Table Lamp

Add a whimsical touch to your decor with Otto Octopus Table Lamp. The lamp comes with a base of octopus body with intricate detailing on its surface inspired by a tall, elongated octopus with six tentacles.

Otto Octopus Table Lamp

17. Hendrick Hippo Table Lamp

Bring in this semiaquatic mammal to your space in the form of a table lamp. The water baby with an open mouth and a light bulb attached in it is guaranteed to be a focal point in your living room. It is best to set along with some green plants and an aquarium on the table to provide your interior ambiance with a statement.

Hendrick Hippo Table Lamp

18. Gold Zebra Wall Light

Add this quirky animal feature to your interior. The Gold Zebra Wall Light with shade is a statement decor piece to hang in your hallway, dining room, or bedroom. The natural linen shade that comes with it complements various color patterns in your home.

Gold Zebra Wall Light

19. Elephant Table Lamp

Bring in a sense of safari into your home with this wonderful elephant table lamp. The lamp is completed with retro shade to match every type of interior decor. It will be an amazing addition to any wildlife lover or wildlife photographer. Get this lamp for approx $203.

Elephant Table Lamp

20. Black Parrot Table Lamp

This Black Parrot Table Lamp is definitely a great gift for a regular birdwatcher. It’s so wonderful to place on a bedside table or at the corner of a living room with modern and traditional decor themes. The table lamp can be yours for approx $85.

Black Parrot Table Lamp

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