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Does Kirklandʼs Home Decor Drug Test


Kirkland’s Home Decor is a popular retail store known for its wide range of home décor items. Many individuals seeking employment with the company may wonder if Kirkland’s Home Decor drug tests its employees. In this article, we will explore whether drug testing is a part of Kirkland’s hiring process and shed light on the company’s policies regarding drug testing.

Drug Testing Policies at Kirkland’s Home Decor

As of the time of writing this article, Kirkland’s Home Decor does not conduct regular drug tests for all prospective employees during the hiring process. The company’s website and official statements do not mention drug testing as a requirement for employment.

Exceptions to Kirkland’s Home Decor Drug Testing Policy

Although drug testing is not a standard procedure for all positions at Kirkland’s Home Decor, it is important to note that there may be exceptions. Certain roles within the company, especially those involving safety-sensitive tasks or positions that require operating heavy machinery, may require drug testing as a part of the pre-employment screening process. This is done to ensure the safety of both employees and customers.

Drug-Free Workplace Policy

While drug testing is not a mandatory part of the hiring process, Kirkland’s Home Decor maintains a drug-free workplace policy. Employees are expected to adhere to this policy and are subject to drug testing if there is reasonable suspicion of drug use while on the job. Random drug testing may also be conducted to ensure compliance with the drug-free workplace policy.


While Kirkland’s Home Decor does not typically require drug testing for all positions during the hiring process, it is essential for prospective and current employees to be aware of the company’s drug-free workplace policy. Certain roles within the company that involve safety-sensitive tasks may require drug testing as a part of the pre-employment screening process. It is always advisable for individuals seeking employment with Kirkland’s Home Decor to review the company’s policies and be prepared to comply with any drug testing requirements that may be applicable to their specific position.

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