River Table by Aspens Woodworks

25 Extraordinary River Tables You Must Have a Look at to Buy in 2023

In the world of contemporary and stylish interior design, River Tables are a fresh and influential fad. Each River Table expresses a unique story of life, natural wonders, and inspiration, inspired by enchanting trees, mesmerizing rivers, and spellbinding fields. A River Table made of recycled wood and epoxy resin is an ideal choice for you if you’re seeking a statement furniture piece for your workplace or home, or if you wish to give an edgy appeal to your room with a handcrafted river table.

Home Chatters brings you some exquisite river tables made from wood and resin to help you spruce up your home or office decor with an extravagant touch. Each of these tables has amazing, one-of-a-kind designs, as well as foster a warm atmosphere in your living space.

Check out some spectacular River table designs that you can consider for your home or workplace. After looking at these outstanding furniture pieces, you’d realize why these units are so special and trending in the furniture and interior design industry.

1. River Table by Aspen’s Woodworks

River Table by Aspens Woodworks Image Credit: Wescover

This stunning River Table by Aspen’s Woodworks consists majorly of a huge wooden slab with careful focus on the glossy appeal and details of the epoxy resin. The resin part on the table appears like a coastline, reminding you of a beautiful beach location. The wood and resin tabletop carefully rests on a metal base with minute wooden details that blend with the table’s overall design.

2. Bookmatched River Style Modern Dining Table

Bookmatched River Style Modern Dining Table Image Credit: Wescover

Phoenix-based furniture manufacturer Lumberlust Designs were commissioned by a client to design this modern one-of-a-kind live edge dining table. This dining table has been created from book-matched slabs of impact-generating big leaf maple reclaimed from Washington. The slabs are further backed by a new contemporary steel foundation with a custom cantilever configuration and a smoke chrome powder coat finish. The addition of this particular furniture piece will instantly glam up the interior without any effort.

3. Custom Made Epoxy Resin Coffee Table

Custom Made Epoxy Resin Coffee Table Image Credit: Etsy

Etsy shop presents this chic custom-made epoxy resin coffee table that seems to cast a spell on the beholders. This elegant coffee table has been contrived using burl elmwood and epoxy resin to form an elegant tabletop. The elmwood is compact, solid, and highly resistant to environmental factors. The wood is further coated with gloss varnish to highlight the amazing colors of the wood, as well as protect the furniture from cracks and scratches. The resin has been carefully set between the wood to appear like crushed ice, giving a natural edge to the furniture piece.

4. Epoxy Resin and Wood River Table

Epoxy Resin and Wood River Table Image: Etsy

Etsy shop epoxyandwoodhk has handmade this gorgeous epoxy resin and wood river table. This exquisite furniture unit creates an interesting contrast through the combination of dyed resin and wood. This elegant contrast makes it highly appealing to the viewers. It would be a great addition to any contemporary home with coastal vibes.

5. Black Walnut Conference River Table

Black Walnut Conference River Table Image: Etsy

Created by Etsy Shop HeartWoodworksStore, Black Walnut Conference River Table would be an interesting furniture unit for your conference room. This table has been handcrafted with reclaimed two black walnut slabs and features straight edges on either side. The blue epoxy resin further adds its magic and makes this unit seems to be coming straight out of forestland. If you need to spruce up your interior with natural world charm, consider adding this river table to your living space.

6. Epoxy Resin River Table by JenithHandicrafts

Epoxy Resin River Table by JenithHandicrafts Image: Etsy

This particular Epoxy Resin River Table by Etsy shop JenithHandicrafts is made from walnut that’s beautified using a colored pigment. Boasting a contemporary design, this breathtaking furniture unit would be a remarkable addition to your home. Its combination of style and practicality makes it the centerpiece of any room where it’s placed. This modern river table also makes a great gift for your relatives or friends.

7. Olive Epoxy Table by GangzaHome

River Coffee Tables Image: Etsy

GangzaHome brings naturalness to your abode with its stunning Olive Epoxy Table. Made from olive slabs, this river table looks no less than a wondrous charm, especially with its green resin design. The green resin looks an absolute stunner with natural wooden slabs and is likely to uplift any interior decor without putting in much effort.

8. Live Edge Dining Table  by WoodlandLiving

Live Edge Dining Table by WoodlandLiving Image: Etsy

Here we have the Live Edge River Table that boasts a blue river-like design along with wooden slabs on the tabletop. It is one of the more unique furniture designs and we love almost everything about it – from its custom design to its finish. This dining table will surely grab all the attention in your dining room.

9. Walnut and Epoxy Coffee Table

Walnut and Epoxy Coffee Table Image Credit: Imgur

The stunning, but satisfying details of the wood are complemented by the calming consistency of the water-colored epoxy resin. On Imgur, you will find inspirational photos of river tables to help you determine the type of table you want. If you prefer something more discreet like thin metal legs, this piece is definitely for you.

10. Custom River Table

Custom River Tables Design Ideas Image: Reddit

Another custom-made river table is this beautiful transparent resin tabletop that is perfect to add a luxe appeal to your office space or dining room. It seems as if a plain glass is plated in between two wooden slabs. This minimalist design makes it a great choice for someone who adores minimalism, rather than fancy designs.

11. Epoxy Blue Resin and Wood River Table

Epoxy Blue Resin and Wood River Table Image: Reddit

This particular epoxy blue resin and wood river table would tickle your fancy if you want a furniture piece that packs a punch. The fine details on the wood and epoxy resin make this unit more interesting. It would be a great furniture piece for both modern and traditional living spaces.

12. Rectangle Epoxy Dining Table

Rectangle Epoxy Dining Table Image: Conhecimentonacerta

This particular river table seems to be a great addition to your home due to its exclusive yet neutral design. It seems as if you’re overlooking a calm sea from a distance, but when you get closer to this table you’d instantly fall in love with its all minute and major details that make it even more astonishing. Don’t you feel like immersing in the beauty of this remarkable river table?

13. Glossy River Table

Glossy River Table Image: Conhecimentonacerta

Another breathtaking piece on the list is this glossy epoxy resin and wood river table. This piece has been created with reclaimed wood and the glossy blue resin adds a whole new charm to its crystal clear beauty. To make it waterproof and scratchproof, it has been finished with clear lacquer. Hence, you don’t have to worry about daily wear and tear affecting your gorgeous piece of furniture.

14. Eccentric River Table

Eccentric River Table Image: Conhecimentonacerta

This eccentric river table boasts one-of-its-kind wood and resin design. It’s incredible how wood pieces are integrated into the table to form an exclusive river-like shape with a blend of blue resin. Looking at this uniquely shaped resin table it feels as if the river is flowing effortlessly through a rugged piece of land. However, it’s best to place it in a large room that has enough space to accommodate this large table.

15. Detailed River Table

Unique River Tables Design Image: Conhecimentonacerta

This another river table is also a perfect crossover between exquisite artwork and functional furniture. The beauty and style of this table truly speak for themselves. And, the river-like design in the middle of the wood creates an incredible illusion of movement. This way it enables a clean energy flow from one point to the other.

16. Blue & Green River Tables

Blue Green River Tables Image: Conhecimentonacerta

These exclusive river tables are likely to elongate any space while filling it with positive vibes. The blue and green epoxy resin in the middle of the wooden tabletop emulates water, which looks as if a river is naturally flowing through it.  You can choose any one of these river table designs to amp up the interior of your abode.

17. Bewitching River Table with Animal Sculptures

Bewitching River Table with Animal Sculptures Image: Facebook

Bring the jungle and grasslands into your living room with this stunning river table. It boasts little animal figurines that seem to be going to the river to enjoy a good bath. Another interesting detail of this exclusive river table is its geometric metal base on either side. This incredible river table with animal sculptures and geometric metal base will be a great conversational piece in your living room or office’s conference room.

18. Mappa Burl Resin and Wood Dining Table

Mappa Burl Resin and Wood Dining Table Image: Etsy

This natural Mappa Burl Epoxy resin and wood dining poxy table artistically combines two live edge slabs. Plus, the gaps are filled with a colored resin that resembles a blue flowing river.  This particular resin and wood dining table would give a spectacular makeover to your dining room with its elegant and stylish visual-appeal.

19. River Thames Coffee Table

River Thames Coffee Table Image: Johnson Furniture

Another magnificent piece of furniture on the list is this premium River Thames coffee table. The tabletop seems to boast the flowing glass river Thames between two wooden halves. Contrived by Johnson Furniture, this stunning coffee table is likely to fill your interior with exquisiteness, practicality, and style.

20. Gorge Live Edge table

Gorge Live Edge table

In collaboration with Andreas Kunert of Ancient Art of Stone, John Lore of Live Edge Design has created this marvelous live edge table by sculpting wood and stone in their natural forms to create this incredible furniture piece. It’s more like functional art. The balance of all the natural elements is absolutely amazing and is likely to spark an interesting dinner conversation.

21. Tropical Epoxy Resin River Table

Tropical Epoxy Resin River Table Image: Etsy

The beautiful tropical epoxy resin river table has been handcrafted by Etsy Shop, GanggiShop. The green river-like epoxy resin features natural river elements, including green molasses, rocks, and fishes. The 3D-custom fishes draw the attention of the viewers and make the river seem very natural. This table is likely to add a sense of calmness to your apartment, with the resin depicting natural water body and the wooden portions give it a perfect contrast.

22. Round Live Edge River Table

Round Live Edge River Table Image: Etsy

The round Live Edge River Table appears most harmonious in the modern interior. Keep in mind, you need to place it in a minimalist living room to bring out the most of its natural-looking details. By placing it in the center of your living room, you can highlight its main river-like appearance while adding a natural touch to your home.

23. Epoxy Coffee Table with Blackish Rivet

Epoxy Coffee Table with Blackish Rivet Image: Etsy

This stunning table was handcrafted using wooden pieces and ultra-clear black resins. Creating a stunning contrast between river and wood, this table design has been accentuated with a high gloss finish. It will add a natural look and elegance to your home. Meanwhile, it adds pleasant texture and vitality to the walnut tree to the overall design. It will add vitality to the pleasant texture of the walnut tree. It will be a great addition to homes that are lacking character or depth.

24. Large Turquoise River Table

Large Turquoise River Table Image: Etsy

This particular turquoise river table has been handcrafted using a natural tree slab and blue epoxy resin. Acacia is used to creating this striking live edge wood bedside table. Furthermore, the small portion of the blue epoxy resin has been influenced by a rustic cabin furniture design. The tabletop rests on hairpin metal legs, giving contrast to its natural appeal. Furthermore, more attention is drawn to the picturesque cracks formed on the damaged acacia wood slab. With these imperfections, the designer of this furniture piece wants to show the unique nature of wood.

25. Cedar River Dining Table with Stone Resin

Cedar River Dining Table with Stone Resin Image: Etsy

This table has been handcrafted from materials, such as cedar, river rocks, metal base. All these elements combine to form a cutting-edge aesthetic, which is exceptional and practical for everyday use. Furthermore, the encasement of natural wood in resin puts the natural elements of the river on display both figuratively and literally. This helps you stay connected to natural elements even in your home. This particular river table will be a great addition to any living room, patio, or dining room.

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