Hottest Home Decor Trends to Be Followed in 2021 2022

21 Hottest Home Decor Trends to Be Followed in 2021

It’s been a long and scary year for all of us especially the time when the deadly coronavirus brushed past us. However, life cannot stop the show must go on, and now as we are in the process of entering the New Year with new hopes and with some remarkable home decor trends for homeowners.

2020 was the year for interior designers to redefine old trends and reinvent some more notable home décor trends for 2021. Designers had plenty of time to do in-depth analysis and people don’t want to stay with the creepy memories of Coronavirus anymore. Moreover being in lockdown, people realized that there is so much they want to change in their homes regarding decoration, design, and structure. Therefore the demand is already there, and we are also here to feed you some hottest and latest home decor trends for 2021.

Revamp your home keeping these newfangled interior décor trends in mind, and ensure everything inside your home is trendy.

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1. As usual the first home decor trend is comfort

2021 definitely will be more about comfort. In 2021, your space should inspire relaxation and reflect a comfy home decor and stylish interior design. It should feel like a calming space, where you can escape from all the worries of the world. This midnight blue living room has everything a family needs to feel relaxed and good in everyday routine. Make it a point to have a big mushy sofa, on which you all can sit together and enjoy long happy hours talking about old family stories. Make it cozier by adding a snuggly rug, and a few cushy armchairs. Do not forget to throw up some soft cushions and warm blankets on the sofa.

Hottest Home Decor Trends Designer: Sarahvailedesign

2. Pop of animal prints

Animal prints (not animal skins – we are totally against it) will be in vogue in the entire 2021 and 2022 as far as home decor is concerned. It is no longer limited to the living rooms of the elite. Animal Prints have become the epitome of style and fashion for interior and home decor in the past few years.

You can incorporate them into your home with a wide range of neutral and warm tones. The best thing is that you can use them with almost any decor theme. Try pairing a pair of leopard print armchairs with leather and velvety sofas for a fun and cohesive look, like in this stunning living room designed by Kacey Gilpin. You can also add a warm-patterned rug to make your contemporary home decor stand out.

Hottest Home Decor Trends 2021 Image: kaceygilpin

3. Decorate with indoor plants for a natural home decor feel

If you like the idea of being close to nature, turn your interior into a green revitalized home by decorating your home with indoor plants. Since people are uncertain about Coronavirus circumstances in 2021, they don’t know whether they would be able to go out for vacations to enjoy nature or not. Therefore, to feel nature indoors, people will choose to decorate their homes with plants in 2021. Makes sense to us as many of these plants provide oxygen and also boost immunity.

Using plants for indoor decorating will not only enhance aesthetics but also provide you overwhelming health benefits. Here is a fine example of how to incorporate plants into your interior decor. Designed by Mind Schroor, this space not only features colorful indoor plants; but also features a cozy crimson sofa, a soft rug, and a wooden trunk table to keep the look boho styled.

Home Decor Trends to Tryy in 2020 Image: @mindyschroor

4. Having a table as a centerpiece never gets old

Having a subtle round table with easy to clean glassy surface is all you need to make your space stand out. The lustrous black and golden table, paired with a grey sofa with neutral-colored pillows are giving a unique touch to this living room decor.

Tables have and will always be an integral part of home decor. Any design, size it up with the other fixtures in your room and create a color scheme that makes you a style icon in terms of your home decor.

Home Decor Trends to Try in 2020 Image: @bocadolobo

5. A big focal wall is going to pep up your home decor

Having a big focal wall in your living room will stay in fad for 2021. This fad has really picked up and is quite a rage among people who take home decor quite seriously. A focal wall will really enhance the whole feel of your room, without fully committing to changing the foundations of the room. A focal wall does not only amplify the appeal of your room, but also adds a touch of dimension, intrigue, and style. Just make sure you pick the design that suits your living style and preferences.

best interior Decor trends to be followed Image: @ashleytstark

6. Keep the home decor more colorful

Along with neutral colors, rainbow colors will be seen everywhere in 2021. If you are not sure how to make your room colorful without overdoing anything, have a look at the space in the picture below. It is a tiny restroom in The Siren Hotel, Detroit. It’s a perfect example of how can you reinvigorate your room using rainbow hues correctly.

You can also choose colors according to your own taste and interests; who knows you might be the trendsetter for the next home decor design for internal wall colors.

Home Decor Trends for 2021 Image: @thesirenhotel

7. Spruce up with metallic hues to amp up your interior design

Incorporating metallic hues in your home decor is the easiest way to stand and shine among the rest. People are more likely to insert golden, and glassy hues in their homes this year.

Have a look at this luxury space with all white walls and a golden glassy table. The metallic floor-standing vase at the corner and golden chandelier are complimenting the center table amazingly. The electrifying dark green sofa is adding cozy glamour to this quirky and chic living room.

Hottest Home Decor Trends to Be Followed in 2021 Image: @bocadolobo

8. A focal chandelier – Luxury Statement

Add that needed drama and glamour bundled with a touch of luxury to your house with a focal chandelier.

Big chandeliers will be back in fashion in 2021. No matter whether you pick contemporary, crystal, glass, or shaded one, just ensure you pick LED ones to make your space look more subtle and bright. Candle chandeliers will be out of trend this year. Choose them carefully!

interior decor trends to follow in 2021 Image: @vandersandestudio

9. Rainbow Staircase an amazing Home decor addition

2021 will be the year of dramatic and out of the box home decor trends. Neon and idiosyncratic designs will stay in demand for many years to come. Have a look at this rainbow staircase, it’s just a perfect blend of rainbow hues and simplicity. Moreover, it’s unique and can provide an electric feel to any boring plain white staircase. Get ready to revamp your staircases since you are going to love the mashup of colors.

home decor trends 2021 Designer: Trish Andersen

10. Throw up Cozy Rugs to create that style statement

Keep your toes warm by throwing cozy rugs wherever possible in your house. A cozy and colorful rug is solely enough to add that needed comfort and style to your space. In 2021 rugs will be a key design element for home decoration. Have a statement rug one like this in the picture below to add durability to your floor, and padding for the feet.

Rugs especially the authentic Persian Rugs have always fascinated people with a good taste for home decor and interior designing. Look alike Persian rugs available in the market can do the trick in case you are tight on budget. You can always get the authentic ones whenever you are in a comfortable position to do so.

Rug trends for 2021 Image: @sonyawinnerrugs

11. Metal Shelving utilizes space and offers storage

There are some walls in homes that seem vacant and give the feeling as something is missing. Make use of empty walls by installing yellow and black shelving like this in the space below. Also, if you want to follow Pantone’s colors of the year 2021 interior design theme; this metallic shelving is something you should definitely consider. The two colors of the year 2021 are yellow and grey. So you can expect to see these two colors together around this year.

Metalic shelving unit best design 2021 Image: @produkt.hunter

12. Add a piece of art to enhance your home decor

A piece of art on a bare wall can immediately add life to your den. Make sure you choose one that can attracts the attention of visitors in a matter of seconds. It’s a great way to show off your creative side and expose more about you and your taste. Adding a piece of art will be one of the most demanding home decor trends this year.

In case you are going to stay a bot longer at home because of the situation outside try your hands on creating and learning how to create a piece of art. You might be the next Picasso in the making.

Home decor trends to follow in 2020 Image: @yodezeen_architects

13. Wall mounted dining couch

Wall-mounted dining couches are incredibly becoming an option these days, especially for small spaced interiors. They are incredibly suited for apartments and even pantries or to create eating space near and around your garden or porch.

Take a cue from this dining space in the picture below. It’s designed to keep a very casual approach in mind with no clutter around. Just a comfy cerulean sofa, some wooden chairs, and a clean glass table together are making this dining space an inviting deal.

Wall mounted dining couch 1 Image: @leberrevevaud

14. Patterned floor will be the biggest home decor trend

Patterned floors are trending again in 2021 for all the good reasons. Interior designers this year will more use black and white tiles on floors to add that geometrical punch to any plain home decor. Black and white geometric tiles and patterned tiles on floors are a great option to create a very unique interior space. You must go with the trend this year.

Pattrened floor desigs 2021 Image: @sarahvailedesign

15. As usual Natural Stone is hot property in 2021

This home decor trend is worth your attention if you are a nature lover and love spending more time in your bathroom. Install natural stone washbasin and bathtub in your bathroom to lend that required timeless and elegant vibe. Natural stones are versatile and add a distinct texture to interiors. Also, stone as a material is durable and requires minimum maintenance. Plus it has an immaculate quality of gelling with the surroundings. You can create a classy, a luxury and even a vintage look for your bathroom

Top home decor trends 2021 Image: @alessandro_isola

16. Animal-inspired light

People will more likely keep their decor nature-inspired this year. Along with natural stone and indoor plants, animal-inspired lights will make a worthy statement in your nature-inspired home decor. Have a look at this semiaquatic mammal with open mouth and a light bulb attached to it. The Hendrick Hippo table lamp is best to set along with some green plants.

Hendrick Hippo Table Lamp

17. Gallery wall to showcase your love for art

Having a gallery wall is just not only a popular home decor trend but also a passion for many art lovers. From laying out border style to choosing perfect art frames and placing them rightly on a wall, this gallery wall in the space below will inspire you to create a gallery wall like a pro, no matter what your budget is.

A gallery wall can be designed to fit almost any space in a house, whether it is an empty wall above the television or staircase or a vacant wall in the bathroom. Having a gallery wall is just not about putting your favorite artworks next to each other, it is about curating a wall that works cohesively as one piece of art, with each piece contributing, but not overpowering the final aesthetic.

Gallery Wall home decor trend Image: @suzedonaldson,

18. Include geometrical shapes for a perfect home decor

Bring in the elegance of diamond cuts indoors, and make your interior look more edgy and graceful. Have a look at this bathtub in the space below with charismatic appeal. Isn’t it all enough to provide your bathroom space a wonderful lavish vibe. Its glassy surface and infinite edges are giving it a cool modernist appearance.

best Home Decor trends

19. A cozy sleeping nook

Beat the winter blues in a cozy sleeping nook like this. Having a sleeping nook in one corner of a living room will stay in the fad for long years after 2021. Love the feeling of coziness it giving to the entire space. One can easily fall asleep here just with a cozy blanket on.

best home decor trends for inspiration Image:@n.prchk

20. Large windows

Having a house with large glass windows overlooking beautiful landscapes or cityscape is a dream for many. Large windows can add drama to your interior space while providing a transition between interior and exterior. Take a cue from this space below. It feels so connected with the outside. Perfect window installation to lend character and light both in an interior space! The trend will be in demand this whole year.

Home decor trends for living room Image: @williammcintoshdesign

21. Decorate with Pantone’s color of the year 2021

If you want to stick with chosen hues from Pantone’s color of the year 2021 for interior decorating, nothing can inspire you more than this space. It has everything balanced which is required to make your space trendy, comfy, and beautiful in 2021. A perfect mustard couch, warm rug, cozy cushions, large open windows, and indoor plants, nothing is missed.

leather couch and indoor plants Image & Home: @girlandgrey

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