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How To Decorate A 1960s Ranch Style Home

Embrace Mid-Century Modern Design

One of the defining characteristics of 1960s ranch style homes is their mid-century modern architecture. To decorate your ranch style home in a way that embraces its roots, incorporate mid-century modern design elements such as clean lines, geometric shapes, and bold colors. Look for vintage furniture and decor pieces from the 1960s to add an authentic touch to your space.

Opt for Retro Colors and Patterns

When it comes to choosing colors and patterns for your 1960s ranch style home, think retro. Consider using colors like avocado green, mustard yellow, and burnt orange to create a nostalgic feel. Incorporate geometric patterns, bold stripes, and abstract designs in your decor to capture the essence of the 1960s era.

Add Vintage Accessories

To complete the look of your 1960s ranch style home, add vintage accessories that reflect the time period. Look for retro clocks, lava lamps, record players, and rotary phones to enhance the vintage vibe of your space. Consider displaying vintage artwork, posters, and advertisements to give your home a touch of nostalgia.

Keep It Simple and Functional

One of the hallmarks of ranch style homes from the 1960s is their simple and functional design. To decorate your home in a way that stays true to its roots, focus on creating a clean and uncluttered space. Choose furniture and decor pieces that are both stylish and practical, and avoid overloading your home with unnecessary items.

Bring the Outdoors In

Ranch style homes from the 1960s often feature large windows and open floor plans that blur the line between indoor and outdoor living. To enhance this connection, bring the outdoors in by incorporating natural elements into your decor. Add houseplants, rattan furniture, and wooden accents to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home.


Decorating a 1960s ranch style home can be a fun and nostalgic experience. By embracing mid-century modern design, opting for retro colors and patterns, adding vintage accessories, keeping it simple and functional, and bringing the outdoors in, you can create a space that pays homage to the era in which your home was built. With a little creativity and attention to detail, you can transform your ranch style home into a stylish and authentic 1960s retreat.

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