Michael Myers Halloween Decoration ideas

15 Terrifying Michael Myers Halloween Decorations for a Brutal 31st Party

Michael Myers Halloween Decoration ideas

Who can forget brutal Michael Myers from the Halloween film series? He was quite a lot there for us to entertain and give something spine-chilling for binge-watching with the whole family around Halloween. I don’t remember any October from the past decade when we have not watched his movies sitting with the whole family. Every year it’s been a great time with Michael Myers, and we are still on to enjoy the cheap thrills by watching the Halloween franchise all over again with the whole family this year too. When we are so much into him; this year, I am thinking of giving my Halloween decoration a touch of him. And for that, I have done a lot of research. While doing my research, I have come across a lot of ideas that I would like to share with you. And if in case, you are also thinking of bringing brutal Michael Myers home these Michael Myers Halloween Decorations will really inspire you, as they inspired me. Also, in the comment section, do let me know which Michael Myers’s movie is your favorite, and which decoration from the list you would love to have.

1. Michael Myers Lying Statue in the Yard

Turn your garden into a graveyard, and create a mysterious scene using Michael Myers’s vicious lying statue, with a few tombstones around. It’ll turn your yard into a real spooky deal. Viewing the scene at night will give chills to timid-hearted people.

Michael Myers Lying Statue in the Yard 1 Image: 365daysofhalloween/Pinterest

2. Michael Myers Wreath

Michael Myers wreath at the entryway is just enough to haunt little ones at door. The mystifying wreath with Michael Myers’s grim face and blooded-murder knife sets the Halloween spirit right. And the great thing is that crafting it at home is not a tough deal, you only need a few embellishments which you can easily arrange around Halloween.

Michael Myers Halloween Wreath Image: Twisted Wreath/Pinterest

3. Myers Window Decal

If nothing, just stick these Michael Myers decals on your door or window’s glass. These are amazing to gift to any Halloween film series fan. I have decided to get one of these for my front window this Halloween. It is pretty amazing to have Michael Myers always watching you from the window.

Michael Myers Window Decal Image: FlyWallD/Amazon

4. Michael Myers Pallet Wood Outdoor Chair

You should give it a try if you are a good woodworker and a good painter both. It’s an amazing idea to reuse those pallets again which we have crammed in our storerooms a long ago. Well, seeing it I have decided to give a makeover to my old pallet wood chair. This is something I am really looking forward to giving a try. Thanks to
A&C Creations an Adams Design. You can check out his other Halloween chairs here.

Michael Myers Outdoor Chair for Halloween Image: A&C Creations an Adams Design

5. Michael Myers Standing Figure

If you are looking for a really good project to complete with the help of your family and friends, then this DIY Michael Myers standing statue is something you should give a try. Trust me, it’s not tough to craft, all you just have to follow the tutorial by the original creator. What all you need to craft it are PVC pipes, poultry fencing, spare boots and clothes, Michael’s head, and a few other things to fix the whole statue. No worries if you find easy buying things rather than creating. Buy and bring in Michael Myers statue home.

Michael Myers Standing Figure Image: Spirit Halloween

6. Myers Wall Decor

The curse of Michael Myers wall decor 5-panel canvas art is perfect to transform your empty walls for Halloween. This piece of art will amazingly elevate your living space with a tinge of horror. There are many other beautiful designs available in it. Click here to buy them.

Michael Myers Wall Decor For Halloween Image: Tinohouse

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7. Michael Myers Bedsheet

Drape your bed with this Killer Michael Myers dark and brutal bedsheet, and give a spooky makeover to your bedroom. Sleeping on it will definitely invite the killer Michael Myers in your dream. Get one from here.

Michael Myers Bedsheet Image: Amazon

8. Horror Shot Glasses Set

This Horror Shot Glasses set is a perfect gift for any avid horror movie watcher. You get one Michael Myers glass with it to sip in creepy blooded Halloween drinks in style. The glasses in the set are great to enjoy shots like a killer at a fierce Halloween party. You can buy them here.

Michael Myers Shot Glasses Image: cccreationz

9. Michael Myers String Lights

It is one of the easiest ways to get the Killer movie character home for Halloween. Decorate your entire home with Michael Myers string lights, they will surely jazz up your party and elevate the Halloween spirit.

Michael Myers String Lights Image: Spirit Halloween

10. Michael Myers Pumpkin Carving Art

Try carving pumpkins with Michael Myers’s typical horror pose with his knife. Print the Myres’s poster first on a paper, then trace and draw the image on a pumpkin using a tracing paper. After that carve the pumpkin to look like one shown in the picture below. It will not be a tough task if you are good at carving pumpkins.

Mike Myers pumpkin carving halloween Image: Sand in Your Eye

11. Michael Myers Greeter

The Michael Myers Greeter is so cool to serve spine-chilling Halloween dishes in style at the party. Creep your guest a little more with the vicious waiter with a knife in hand to remind that he is a real killer. Get this cool serving servant here.

Michael Myers Greeter Halloween Image: Spirit Halloween

12. Vinyl Wall Sticker

Spice up your walls with Michael Myers vinyl wall sticker. It is the most inexpensive way to get the Halloween baddie at home. Sticking it behind the curtains or on a corner wall will give you a feeling as if Michael Myers is hiding in your home to find a chance to kill you. Get it here.

Michael Myres Vinyl Wall Sticker Image: Amazon

13. Myers Cushions

Throw up a few cozy but badass Myers Cushions on your couch, and let your guests be comfortable with the ghastly Villain of the decade. You can get these cushions in so many designs and styles. Have a look at a few of them.

Michael Myers Window Decoration Idea Image: Amazon and Etsy

14. Myers Wood Decor

I love these Michael Myres wood decoration, and anyone with minimum painting hand can make them. I will definitely paint them this year to put with all the other decorations on the porch. If you don’t want to paint, buy them from Etsy.

Michael Myers Wooden Decor Image: Etsy

15. Horror Movie Villain Rug

This horror movie villain rug is the best thing you can get this Halloween to make your living room’s floor cozy, inviting, and spooky at the same time. It features all the badass Horror villains from the top horror movies of the century, including Michael Myers. Get it here.

Michael Myers Rug Image: Etsy

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