20 Scary Cute Halloween Monster Cupcakes For Your Little Ones

20 Scary-Cute Halloween Monster Cupcakes For Your Little Ones

Summer is the best time for organizing kids’ parties. Or, if you’re already planning for a cute Halloween party this year, you can still consider making some unique cupcakes for your “little monsters.” Monster cupcakes or other treats are often associated with Halloween.

However, you don’t have to create creepy creatures to make sweet treats for your kids. Instead, you can go for some fun details, like candy eyes and fuzzy icing, to create your monster cupcake without giving any eerie vibes to your kids.

If you are out of ideas or thinking about what unique designs to create for monster cupcakes, check out the given 20 amazing scary-cute cupcake ideas to win the hearts of your little ones.

1. Halloween Cupcake Monster Eye Rings

If you are trying to bake some fun cupcakes for upcoming Halloween, you need to consider these cupcake monster eye-rings. These cute monster cupcakes are perfect for any Halloween party or a unique kids’ party. Each cupcake has assorted monster eyes that are perfect for your tiny monsters on any occasion – not just Halloween.  You can further coordinate them with matching sprinkles. You may try creating these tiny devilish cupcakes at home or simply place an order for them at your nearest bakery. Either way, your kids will love digging their teeth into these colorful monsters.

20 Scary Cute Halloween Monster Cupcakes For Your Little Ones Image: artisincakes

2. Cute and Spooky Monster Cupcakes

Another fun dessert to celebrate Halloween is with these cute and spooky monster cupcakes. These cupcakes would be loved by anyone. Mostly because these can be made as fun or scary as one desires. Just use a small star icing tip for creating furry grass icing on the cupcakes. Of course, you may choose a different fur. But why go for that when this look is immensely cute already. If you have different frosting pipes, you can even use buttercream frosting or chocolate buttercream to create different colored icing. In the end, don’t forget to put edible chocolate eyes and mouth on these tiny monstrous cupcakes.

20 Scary Cute Halloween Monster Cupcakes Image: eazypeazymealz

3. Monster Cupcakes With Edible Wrappers

How about serving these monster cupcakes with edible wrappers? These adorable cupcakes are decorated with vibrantly hued modeling chocolate wrappers These Cute Monster Cupcakes are decorated with googly eyes and brightly colored modeling chocolate wrappers. Unlike other inedible modeling chocolate cupcake wrappers, you need to choose the ones that are edible and delicious to taste. You can even make them at home. If you have made such modeling chocolate wrappers before, now is the right time to give it a try. We’re sure you’d love creating them for kids’ parties or any other special occasion.

20 Scary Cute Halloween Monster Cupcakes 1 Image: Hungryhappenings

4. Monster Cakes!

Wondering why have we included monster cakes in a list of cupcakes? Well, if you have a closer look, you can see that these cakes are actually made with three or more cupcakes. These are basically babycakes that is easy to prepare at home using tiny cupcakes. It may sound crazy for some people, but it is so fun for sure. You can use any desired cupcake recipe to create around dozen of cupcakes. After that, you have to gather those cupcakes to make one mini cake. You can even decide how tall or broad you want to extend your mini cake. Just be as creative as you want.

20 Scary Cute Halloween Monster Cupcakes 3 Image: Chelsweets

5. Adorable Kitty, Mummy, & Pumpkin Cupcakes

Another cool idea for designing cupcakes in a monstrous yet fun way is shown in this picture. Instead of creating same-themed cupcakes, you can consider creating different designs. For instance, you can create cupcakes in the shape of pumpkins, ghosts, cats, and mummies. This will be a perfect cupcake collection for kids’ Halloween parties.

Your kids, as well as their friends, are going to love these fall- and Halloween-inspired cupcakes that are less scary and more adorable. These cupcakes are so cute that you might think twice before taking a bite. But ‘kids being kids’ would enjoy eating them all!

20 Scary Cute Halloween Monster Cupcakes 4 Image: apartmentshowcase

6. One-Eyed Monster Cupcakes With Cotton Candy Topping

How about these purple one-eyed monster cupcakes?  These are very easy to prepare and please your kids. All you need to do is prepare any desired cupcake recipe and further decorate those cupcakes with buttercream frosting that’s dyed purple. For eyes, you can microwave three white candy melts in a bowl. Use a toothpick and put a little candy melt into the back of an M&M and further stick it on a candy melt. Allow it to dry for around five minutes so that M&M does not fall off or move. Next, add some cotton candy portions on the top, making it appear like a weird crown of tiny monsters.

20 Scary Cute Halloween Monster Cupcakes 5 Image: thenovicechefblog

7. Eerie Eyeball Cupcakes

These mini eerie eyeball cupcakes are the perfect canvas for delicious, creepy Halloween treats. If you love having a huge platter of these lookers on your table, you must consider preparing them at home. All you need is candies and frosting to make these tiny treats in a few minutes. These cupcakes can be made using super moist chocolate cake mix and decorative, colored frosting. The bright colors are perfect for creating attractive monster treats. At last, put eyeball-shaped chocolates on the top to make them appear eerie but still desirable to eat. If not this design, you can even create any other design using star piping for frosting.

20 Scary Cute Halloween Monster Cupcakes 6 Image: Pinterest

8. Cookie Monsters

If you are fed the usual cupcake colors we have shared before, try making these blue cookie monsters. These are basically the chocolate cupcakes filled with chocolate hazelnut and blue frosting in the shape of monsters that appear as if they are eating cookies. These cupcakes are ideal for a fun cookie monster party. Plus, these are very easy to make at home. No crazy piping is needed to make a fur-like design or any silly eyeballs. These are very simple to make and design. After icing, just put eyeballs on the top and cookies in the mouth area. Voila! Your cookie monsters are ready in a jiffy.

20 Scary Cute Halloween Monster Cupcakes 7 Image: tiersofjoy_megha

9. Spooky Eyeball Cupcakes

Check out this fun tutorial to create spooky eyeball cupcakes. You need to frost these cupcakes and save some frosting for them. Now, pile the frosting in the center for making a dome shape, which resembles an eyeball.

After that, tint the frosting with bright red food coloring gel. Make the red lines in the shape of veins in eyeballs so that it appears more realistic. After that, place some eyeballs on the top to give it that spooky factor. With iris and pupil, you will have the perfect eyeball cupcakes to treat your taste buds with eerie cupcakes. These are easy to prepare but adorably scary for Halloween parties.

20 Scary Cute Halloween Monster Cupcakes 8 Image: akemicupcakes

10. Bright Monster Cupcakes

These fun and colorful monster cupcakes are just ideal for a birthday party or a Halloween party. Anyone who adored little monster treats will love these cute cupcakes. These monsters are as adorable as can be and are also very fun to prepare. Even if your kids are too old for going out trick or treating on Halloween, they’d still love these bright monstrous treats. So, you can consider creating them for a fun Halloween party or buffet. Or, simply for an end-of-the-school-year party. No matter what’s the occasion, these cupcakes in the shape of monsters are perfect to bring a little Halloween cheer to your home!

20 Scary Cute Halloween Monster Cupcakes 9 Image: sugarlush_bakeshop

11. Scary Chocolate Cupcakes

Want to party with monster cupcakes? These scary chocolate cupcakes are gold when it comes to making treats for children’s parties. All you need to prepare is simple cupcakes and further decorate them in the shape of chocolaty monsters. One best way to make your kids happy is to decorate these cupcakes with chocolate frosting and fun toppings in the shape of monster eyes, noses, horns, and teeth. The best part of designing such chocolate cupcakes is that you cannot go wrong with cupcake designs – as no one takes them seriously.

20 Scary Cute Halloween Monster Cupcakes 10 Image: pinksweetscakes

12. Creamy Monster Cupcakes

These scary cute monstrous cupcakes are a creamy delight for your kid’s birthday party or this year’s spooky celebrations on October 31st. Whether you make cupcakes often or just occasionally, preparing these treats is a breeze as it won’t take much time. For the icing, you need to use a lot of creamy frosting, eyeball chocolates, and cookies. This way, you will be able to create a table full of spooky cupcakes for your little ones or just for yourself. After all, everyone – be it kids or grownups – is going to love you for these fun treats.

20 Scary Cute Halloween Monster Cupcakes 11 Image: llittlebakes

13. Green Scary Cupcakes

Want to create some ghoulish Halloween cupcakes? You can consider preparing these green sweet monsters. If you don’t want to use food color to prepare green frosting, consider adding a healthier twist with spinach.  Even if you add spinach to these treats, you surely won’t be able to taste its bitterness, as it’s masked with the sweet flavors. Furthermore, decorate these scary cupcakes with candy eyes and chocolate sprinkles that appear as monster’s hair on the top. Even if your kids don’t like to go out trick or treating, they can enjoy these treats while sitting at home.

20 Scary Cute Halloween Monster Cupcakes 12 Image: cupcakekit.de

14. Realistic Teeth Cupcakes

This realistic teeth cupcake is a perfect treat for all dentists or tooth fairy candidates. Or, other sweet-toothed people. We have found this amazing-looking cupcake that appears like a colorful denture made by a dentist. If you want to create something realistic but fun treat for the spooky festival of the year. You can create similar cupcakes representing original teeth shapes. Further, apply a thin layer of pink frosting and put a cherry on the top.  Each cupcake can be baked in a yellow cupcake liner to represent the gum of the teeth.  Isn’t creativity a beautiful thing? 

20 Scary Cute Halloween Monster Cupcakes 13 Image: cocross79

15. Monster Eye Cupcakes

Make these easy monster eye cupcakes for after-school snacks, Halloween parties, or just as a fun festive dessert. And with it wear cute, scary monster costumes to bring out your inner devil.  But just for the festive time… (wink)! For these cupcakes, you need to make a cupcake in the desired flavor. Take a party bag with a medium tip to fill it with chocolate frosting. And, later decorate its shape of a real eye. There is nothing better than a dessert that is easy-to-make, adorable, and festive at the same time. These monster eye cupcakes look so good that you see them as cute little monsters – not scary ones. 

20 Scary Cute Halloween Monster Cupcakes 14 Image: bere_tole

16. Monster Eye Cupcakes With Spiders

If you are feeling a little more creative, create this colored monster eye cupcake with a spider on the top or roaming around. Sounds eerie, but it’s perfect for Halloween dessert. For making these cupcakes, you can use some ingredients that you’d normally use. For instance, you can make a simple chocolate cupcake with vanilla monster icing with food coloring. Once the icing is done, you can put chocolate spiders on the top. If you don’t want to make the chocolate spiders at home, you can get them from a nearby store during Halloween. The kids will also have so much fun preparing their monster eye cupcakes. So, involve them as well.

20 Scary Cute Halloween Monster Cupcakes 15 Image: wemakewebake

17. Devil Horns Cupcake

Shhhh… There’s a monster cupcake under your bed! These devil horns cupcakes are very easy to prepare using a confetti cake, candy bar custard, and purple buttercream with scary fondant details.  These cupcakes are perfect for celebrating Halloween. You can even decorate these with cute little devil horns of chocolate icing. Also, add candy eyes and a cute monster mouth to make it adorable – not too eerie. Everyone will love these treats for sure. When you give it a try, you’ll realize that these cupcakes are so much fun to make with the kids this Halloween!

20 Scary Cute Halloween Monster Cupcakes 16 Image: dannysmagicalmission

18.  Blue Cookie Monster Cupcake

Here’s another take on a cookie monster cupcake. Since cookie monster is known for his love of cookies, you cannot neglect the cookie in his mouth.By adding a piece of cookie in the monster’s mouth, you bring the cookie monster to life!  These are very simple to prepare, as no fancy work is needed. You can simplify these cute cookie monsters by using chocolate cake mix and blue frosting. However, if you want to make another cake recipe from scratch, that’s totally fine too.  Either way, these monsters with cookies are easy to make and fun to decorate.

20 Scary Cute Halloween Monster Cupcakes 17 Image: iambaker

19. Google Eyes Cupcakes

These Googly eyes cupcakes are so much fun to make. They are the perfect Halloween activity to try with your family.  All you need is black gel food coloring, 2-3 cookie sheets, frosting, and fondant details to make these cupcakes. Prepare frosting as per your desired favorite recipe, or, using any store-bought frosting. You can tint the frosting in your preferred color. After that, fit a decorating bag with a tip to fill frosting on the cupcakes. And, the final part is to add as many googly eye candies as you want on a cupcake. These googly eyes are easy to make at home. But if you don’t want to make them yourself, you can get them from a store as well.

20 Scary Cute Halloween Monster Cupcakes 18 Image: lifewiththecrustcutoff

20. Alien Cupcakes

Alien cupcakes are one of the best upgrades for a basic cake mix that you can make with your children at home. This fun treat is simple to make as it is delicious and creative at the same time. Whether you purchase a fondant or prepare it yourself, these are easy to put together. However, there are some advantages of making the fondant yourself, as you can add your own flavors. And for the frosting, don’t forget to add green food color for giving the perfect alien feel to cupcakes. Also, add cute antennas, googly eyes, and mouth on the top!

20 Scary Cute Halloween Monster Cupcakes 19 Image: Pinterest

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