10 Most Amazing DIY Resin Lamps for Increased Ambiance Your Home

10 Most Amazing DIY Resin Lamps for Increased Ambiance Your Home

10 Most Amazing DIY Resin Lamps for Increased Ambiance Your Home

Epoxy Resin Lamps are perfect for people who love collecting unordinary, unique pieces of art.  They are simply elegant and capable of providing a delightful illumination. These magical lamps level up your décor by releasing dim, soft, and sensual light, and by making the ambiance more relaxed and romantic. The most interesting thing about them is how luminously they shape your mood and emotions on a subconscious level. If you too love the appeal they offer, scroll down these 10 most amazing DIY resin lamps, some of them you can buy and, some you can build on your own using your crafting skills.

1. Handmade Blue Epoxy Resin Lamp

This Handmade Blue Epoxy Resin Lamp is a creation of MB Resin Art.  This one is not available to buy but someone with fine woodworking skills can craft it seeing the YouTube tutorial. The designer used a glass mold to give shape to his design. He carefully inserted woods that he already cut before, and LED strip lights into the prepared mold. After mixing and giving the resin a nice blue tint, he poured the resin into the glass cast, and left it to set properly. For sanding a and giving the design a final shape see the tutorial.

Handmade Blue Epoxy Resin Lamp

2.Torn Vertical Resin Lamps by Artifex Lab

Bring in the warmth of wood and tinted transparency of epoxy resin with the vertical resin lamps by Ioan Stanean of Artifex Lab. The Romania-based artist and graphic designer got inspiration for his design from the beauty of flowing wood sap. Since he wanted to bring in the exquisiteness of torn wood to people’s homes, he entirely crafted this lamp with hand using 5W LED bulb. The process of crafting and casting lamps begin with one important step; picking the right woods with beautiful patterns. He tears up each wood in two pieces to provide the lamp a dramatic look with spikes on. You can pre-order this resin lamp by contacting the designer.

10 Most Amazing DIY Resin Lamps for Increased Ambiance Your Home

3. Wall Resin Lamps by Eduard Locota

You will love the carbon wall resin lamp series by Romanian sculptor and designer Eduard Locota. His resin lamp series uses a mix of coal, resin and light to bring colors, glow and elegance to your home. All the creations in the line are handmade, 100% unique and comes with 110-220W, powerful LED illumination.  Each piece you buy comes signed by the designer and you even get the certificate of authenticity with it. You can buy his artworks on pre-order by contacting him.

purple red presentation

4. Artifex Lab’s Torn Curved Resin lamp

This one is again by the talented artist Ioan Stanean of Artifex Lab. It is the curved version of his previous creation. The lamp is a great piece of art, beautifully blends wood and resin to provide simple yet unique appeal.  The designer wanted to make sure that both the building materials don’t lose their natural ambiance, and provide the room magical dim glow. The lamp uses 5W LED light, and which is perfect to set the mood for a candle light dinner without candles. You can get this lamp on pre-order by contacting the designer through his website.

Torn Curvy Resin Lamps by Artifex Lab

5. Magic Faucet Fountain Lamp

The Magic Faucet Fountain Lamp by MB Resin Art will be a great addition to your personal home bar. It’s a beautiful piece of art made using an old-styled tap, plastic paper made a mold, tape, resin, blue color and LED strip light. This creation doesn’t require any woodworking skills; you can easily make it seeing the tutorial from the designer.

Magic Faucet Fountain with Epoxy Resin Night Lamp

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6. Curvy Night Resin Lamp

This beautiful Curvy light lamp is again by MB Resin Art. It also doesn’t require you to be pro of woodworking. Someone with minimal woodworking skill can easily craft it seeing the video from the designer. Just make sure you follow the instructions carefully of preparing the mold and resin.  It’ll surely bright up your space.

Wood Night Lamp

7. Triangular Walnut Resin Lamp

This is Triangular shape made using premium-quality walnut wood by MB Resin Art. This elegant lamp holds the magic, color and exquisiteness, and can adorn any space with its warmth. It is not tough to craft, you just require minimal DIY skills to give it the same shape and attractiveness that designer has given it. Just make sure you follow the instructions given in the video properly.

Triangle Resin lamp DIy

8. Resin Lamp with Halogen Bulb

This one we found on Pinterest, and it is the easiest to craft in the list. You just need to prepare a good mold for it, and for that you can use a square plastic tumbler or create one with cardboard. To craft it you need a rustic piece of wood, resin, color, bulb holder, halogen bulb, wire and of course the mold you prepared. Make sure you drill hole to insert bulb and wire. This lamp will surely level up the ambiance in your home.

Resin lamp with Halogen Bulb

9. Hexagon Olive Wood Resin Lamp

Designed by MB Resin Art, this Hexagon Wood Resin lamp is so charming and certainly will become a piece of attraction in your Home. Like the other creations of the designer, this one is also not tough to craft.  Follow the tutorial and you are good to craft it on your own using your DIY skills.

Olive Wood Resin Lamp

10. Lamp With Resin Base

This is not a resin lamp but received a stunning resin base with flowers inserted. We found this design on Pinterest and thought of sharing it with you. You can give same treatment to your old lamp to provide that a new life.  For creating the base, you need resin, bunch of little flowers and a mold in a shape you want it to be. We are sure this will turn out to be something really stunning.

lamp with resin base

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