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20 Most Unique Halloween Porch Decor Ideas | DIY Images

It’s never too early to plan for fall decorations. In fact, it’s the right time to set the pumpkins out on the porch and create an attention-grabbing centerpiece for your Halloween porch decoration. From fake cobwebs and spiders on the walls, carved jack-o-lanterns, and dried leaves on the ground to mysterious wreaths on the entryway and spooky ravens on the floor; there is a lot that you can set up to take your porch decoration from ordinary to extraordinary in the neighborhood. Definitely, Halloween lovers have tried everything possible, which was in trend and astonishing, but of course, they too need ideas on hand which they can mix and match according to their preferences, selected theme, porch size, and the level of spook they want to set up.  Here are some quick and unique Halloween porch decor ideas to help you to create your own kind of Halloween entryway. These eerie and cute Halloween porch decoration ideas will surely impress your neighbors and trick-or-treaters.

1. Halloween Porch with Pumpkin Topiaries

This Halloween porch is just awesome to attract a little bit of foot traffic this year from your neighborhood. Does it require too much to set one like this? No, the props used in this decoration are not tough to arrange, but yes of course you have to be little good in sewing and painting to put up that little scarecrow ghost standing at the left of the beautiful London-styled door. This porch decoration is a work of ‘Between Naps On The Porch’, read the full tutorial of putting up this fall porch on their website.

Halloween Porch with Pumpkin Topiaries 1 Image: Between Naps On The Porch

2. Add a Life-sized Witch

Setting a life-sized witch and floating witch hats is the coolest idea, you could try this season. The wicked woman will never go out of fashion to give a benefit of doubt to little ones around you about all those evil witches’ stories and their bad magical powers. The witch-themed Halloween decoration on a porch with a witch wreath on the front door will be a huge hit among the neighbors and passers-by this Halloween.

20 Most Unique Halloween Porch Decor Ideas Image: Shelterness

3. DIY Tangled Spider Web With Spider

This DIY tangled spider web with spider will definitely get the attention of trick-or-treaters. This is super easy to make and it’ll also not take much of your time. The best thing is that to set it up you don’t need to have a big porch, you can set it up on the walls, pillars, or even on the front door. Here is the step by step tutorial on how to do it by the original creator.

DIY Tangled Spider Web With Spider Image: My Untangled Life

4. Ghost Porch Decoration

Let ghosts and goblins enjoy the fall season sitting on your porch. This is an amazing idea for you to get your Halloween decoration up in a jiffy with very few items required. To create this spooky scene you need two old-styled rocking chairs that you’ll have to adorn with creepy cobwebs and spiders, floating ghosts, spider webs and a wicked old skeleton to make the scene a lot spookier.

Ghost Porch Decor Image: Hike N Dip

5. Let the Witches Welcome You Holding Hands

This is such a cool idea to add a bloodcurdling factor with humor to a porch. Viewing it at night will scare the shit out of your neighbors, but during the day it’ll become their favorite spot to click pictures and catch the feel of festivity. Set this scene in the front of your porch and add an extraordinary factor to your Halloween decoration.

Let the Witches Welcome You Holding Hands Image: Pinterest

6. Haunting Porch Decor

Add a little bit of haunted spice to your porch window with skulls, skeletons, and spider webs. What a nice idea, perfect for a front door with glass windows. To give it a more lively feel, deck up the floor with some colorful pumpkins and dried leaves. , and an old rustic wooden basket.

Haunting Porch Decor

Image: Hgtv

7. Wine Barrel Halloween Decor

This can be done easily if you have a wine barrel stacked somewhere in your storeroom. It will surely look amazing at the entry of your Halloween party or at the side of your entryway. Look how cute these grumpy pumpkin cats are looking. This is a perfect idea for homes with little kids to keep the spirit neutral, not too scary.

Wine Barrel Halloween Decor Image: Hgtv

8. Ghostly Outdoor Draperies

Add a frightening mystifying appeal to your front porch with billowing, tattered draperies made from budget-friendly cheesecloth. There is a lot you can add around it according to your decided Halloween theme. I would keep it simple and will just add some ravens and creepy spiders to give the entryway a mysterious nerve-racking look.

Ghostly Outdoor Draperies Image: Curbly

9. Black Cat-O-Lanterns

This will be a fun project for kids. Yes, you’ll have to be there with them to guide them and check if they are using carving tools safely or not. Painting pumpkins in black will be an enjoyable task for them. These cantankerous pumpkin cats will spruce up the Halloween spirit on your porch.

Black Cat O Lanterns Image: Sunset

10. Creepy Haunted House

Keep your Halloween decoration creepy, untreated, and hasty like this display by Anita Hart on Flickr. It is an amazing way to turn a usual house into a  haunted house with bad spirits. Everything is scattered on the porch as if a ghostly storm has just arrived in the house. Floating ghosts are providing the display a creepy fear-proving effect.

Halloween yard Decor ideas Image: My Kukun

11. Trash Bag Halloween Decoration

It’s so amazing that how beautifully you can prep up your porch for Halloween by just using trash bags. Perfect for those who don’t want to spend a lot on buying new Halloween decoration. Just cut the trash bags in strips, and you have to be particular about the sizes you cut. Pin them along and hang them over your entrance, as shown in the picture. Pumpkin-faced orange trash bags on the floor will add the Halloween feel to your decoration. Must try this inexpensive idea.

Trash Bag Halloween Decoration Image: Make The Best Of Things

12. Scary Front Porch Decoration

This is really direful and will definitely give a panic attack to timid people around you. The display is also easy to put up, and you don’t need many supplies to set it on your front door. This is simple but really spine-chilling. Must give it a try if you want to give your neighbors a hair-chilling experience about your Halloween decoration.

Scary Front Porch Decoration Image: Flickr

13. Walking Dead-inspired Halloween Porch

This awesome display gets inspiration from ‘The Walking Dead’ television series. The decoration makes people uneasy during the night. Setting it up is easy, but requires creativity and little time investment. Perfect to scare faint-hearted people in the neighborhood.

Walking Dead inspired Halloween Porch Image: Boredpanda

14. Spider Attack Front Door Halloween Decoration

This spider attack display on the front door is really spooky and not definitely for Arachnophobics. To create this scene use lace for the spider webs, and you can also buy artificial cobwebs from the market. Attach different-sized multiple spiders on the web to create a spider terrifying attack. You can even get a giant spider to make it their queen.

Spider Attack Front Door Halloween Decoration Image: Flickr

15. Old Ghost in Porch

This old ghost on the porch with mysterious lighting is enough to scare anyone in the neighborhood. What a brilliant setting done with different jack-O-lanterns on the floor, and a queen spider at the front door. Trick-or-treaters will think twice before entering your house at night.

Fall and halloween porch decor ideas scaled

Image: Shelterness

16. Witch Friends in the Porch

This is so cool, and perfect to fun and scary element to the porch. These witch friends are probably deciding on their Halloween night dress up. The one at right looks happy to scare get a chance to scare timid little kids. Must add this to your front porch, you can get the ladies from Dollar Store.

Witch porch Decoration Image: Red Head Can Decorate

17. Add a Bunch of Hocus Pocus

Spruce up your porch for Halloween with Sanderson Sisters made out of milk cartons.  These lovely ladies will welcome your guests on the entryway, and leave an impact about your crafting and painting skills on the people who will see it. It is an amazing DIY project by Allison Hopwood, and people with good crafty hands should definitely give it a try.

Add a Bunch of Hocus Pocus Image: Allison Hopwood

18. Pumpkin Towers

Pumpkins towers on a porch create a grand autumn statement. To try this cool idea, you’ll have to have s lot of pumpkins on you. It is fun to deck it up. Your neighbors gonna love these and would love to click pictures with it.

Pumpkin Towers Image: Pinterest

19. Crashed Witch on Front Door

This crashed witch is funky, and amazing to add a fun element to a porch. Just decide on what your dumb witch will wear, and fix her on the wall or on the front door. This display will create a fun-loving environment to your Halloween set up.

Crashed Witch on Front Door 1 Image: Pinterest 20 Most Unique Halloween Porch Decor Ideas 1 Image: Pinterest

20. Set a Seating for Ghost on Porch

Create this fun porch seating for your ghost friend. Make it more interesting adding some ravens and little wall pumpkin garden. This definitely will be a favorite spot for your kids to chill during the fall season.

Set a Seating for Ghost on Porch Image: Design Improvised

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