20 Times Wine Barrels Recycled into Something Functional and Beautiful featured image

20 Times Wine Barrels Recycled into Something Functional and Beautiful

20 Times Wine Barrels Recycled into Something Functional and Beautiful featured image

Imagination and creativity have no boundaries, and when both join the wagon to make the environment a better place to live then definitely something good happen. Seeing the burden on the landfills, it’s great that many DIYers and furniture designers are coming up with ideas to reduce them. Just to add to your knowledge, every year millions of old wine drums are thrown out of circulation in open yards and storerooms. People are not aware that how many beautiful, functional and eco-friendly things they can produce out of them. Here we have got 20 clever ideas to recycle retired wine drums into something attractive yet practical for home, office or outdoors.

1.Wine Barrel Dog House

Any dog would be lucky to have this barrel as his home. This ingenious Dog house by California-based Barrel 33 would be great choice for a wine lover and dog parent. It is available to buy at designer’s official website on pre-order, and also on Etsy for $450. There is one other wine barrel dog house in different design and appeal from Willows Wine Barrels. The dog house looks extremely graceful and comfortable to be the perfect home for any-sized dog. They customize the design of the doghouse according to your dog’s size and your requirements. Their designs are available to purchase for maximum $300.

20 Times Wine Barrels Recycled into Something Functional and Beautiful

2.Wine Barrel Washbasin

You can turn a salvage wine barrel into a rustic washbasin for your traditional lavatory. Here is one example by Alpine Wine Design. The design requires good woodworking and crafting skills to turn it into reality. If you can’t craft, you can even purchase this Wine barrel washbasin vanity for $1,898 from Etsy

The other design we have for you is a barrel sink that you can install in your kitchen along with a natural stone countertop. This will be a stunning addition to your kitchen.

20 Times Wine Barrels Recycled into Something Functional and Beautiful 1 20 Times Wine Barrels Recycled into Something Functional and Beautiful 2

3. Barrel Rack for Essential Oils

This one we found on Instagram, and it is absolutely a perfect rack to store essential oils and spice jars in a kitchen. This is made using a barrel’s top or bottom part. Just love the bottle holders installed with it to hold up the things you would put into it.

20 Times Wine Barrels Recycled into Something Functional and Beautiful 4

4. Barrel Baby Crib

This barrel baby crib was built by a dad-to-be for his unborn child. Harry and his partner Kayleigh Arber wanted to give something handmade to their baby, so they built this baby crib by giving it a personal touch of love and emotions. This is really a cool idea for parents who are expecting a newborn in their house. 

Barrel Baby Crib

5. Wine Barrel Lift-Up Coffee Table

How about having this lift-up coffee table repurposed out of a waste wine barrel? This is so cool to have in an old-styled farmhouse or in a home with a classic decor theme. Designed by Wine Enthusiast, the table provides a lift-up surface that doubles as a workspace for doing office work.

Wine barrel Coffee Table

6. Barrel Beverage Dispenser

It is a must-have for you if you are a wine lover, and as well as you have a retired barrel somewhere stacked in your storeroom. This two-tap beverage dispenser is the creation of an Imgur user. He created it for him to place in the kitchen to serve him beer and soda.

6. Barrel Beverage Dispenser

7. Wine Barrel RetroPie Arcade Table

If you are a gaming buff, you definitely would want to have this RetroPie Arcade Table made using an old wine barrel. This is again a creation by an Imgur user [Sid981]. The DIYer has brilliantly given the functional arcade a retro look with a little classy touch by providing it a round glass top.

Wine Barrel RetroPie Arcade Table

8. Wine Barrel Ice Chest

This wine barrel ice chest is a fun creation for an outdoor pool and farmhouse party. Designed by Barrel Thirty Three, It is sure to be a big hit at any social gathering.

Wine barrel ice Chest

9. Wine Barrel Outdoor Drink Holder

Serve drinks to your guests in style in your outdoor parties, don’t worry they’ll get the drinks fresh and chilled. If you can’t craft the same on your own, simply get one for $640 from Etsy.

Wine Barrel Outdoor Drink Holder

10. Wine Barrel Outdoor Table

This barrel outdoor table with a long wooden slab as tabletop is a perfect deal for outdoor weddings and social gatherings. You can use it for setting up food a court or a table to serve beverages. It’ll surely add up grace to your social functions.

Wine Barrel Outdoor Table 1 Wine Barrel Outdoor Table 2

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11. Wine Barrel Chandelier

These wine barrel chandeliers are exceptional to spruce up your dining area or lobby with different kind of rustic appeal. Hang it over your dining table and enjoy your family time every time with a happy lighting. These will look amazingly exquisite in your kitchen with wooden work and nature-inspired decor.

Wine Barrel Chandlier

12. Wine Barrel Planters

The planers is way too cute to put on the deck or backyard to showcase your love for plants. Both the designs merge well with the outdoor and look so earthy.

Wine Barrel Planters Wine Barrel Planters 1

13. Beer/Wine Barrel Bedroom

This beer barrel bedroom will be the best sleeping nook for your little ones. This will fill them with excitement, and they will not stop explaining it to their friends. Your kids will adore it.

Beer Barrel Bedroom 1

14 Wine Barrel Tiny House

This wine barrel tiny house is build using a big barrel sourced from a nearby wine factory. It can be an amazing stay for a couple looking for a unique getaway. A wine lover can have this a garden shed or a restroom in backyard.

Beer Barrel Tiny House

15. Wine Barrel Couch

Why buy seating for outdoors when you can build your own using retired wine barrels? You can even recycle wine barrels into great outdoor seating. Here are a few examples we have picked from Pinterest for you.

Wine barrel Couch Wine barrel Couch 1

16. Barrel Dining Table

Look at this gorgeous dining table, perfect for two. The table also can be used to create a coffee corner in your house. What a nice addition to any home!

Barrel Dining Table

17. Barrel Mirror Frame

Isn’t it so elegant? This wine barrel mirror frame is so lovely to add more warmth to your rustic decor. I can imagine setting up my fall decoration around it and cozying up in front of it in a comfy couch; with a blanket and a cup of hot chocolate in those wintry nights.

Wine Barrel Mirror Frame

18. Wine Barrel Kitchen Island

Give a makeover to your kitchen using spare wine barrels. Wine barrels are sturdy enough to hold your kitchen countertop. Wine barrels in a kitchen look adorable, many people are getting inspired by this idea. Have a look at some best designs.

Wine Barrel Kitchen Island Wine Barrel Kitchen Island 1

19. Wine Barrel Dog Feeder

It’s a nice dog food station turned out of a recycled barrel. If features two bowl compartments, one for serving food, and another for water. With the dog feeder your dog will have hard time spilling water and food, as it is sturdy and don’t move easily.

Wine Barrel Dog Feeder

20. Wine Barrel Bar

What a nice bar sitting idea for outdoors. You set the same in your yard or outdoor fun parties. It will be a great idea to create a bar inspired by this indoors.

Wine Barrel Bar

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