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Gardens soothe us when we are tired, when we are down, they bring nature right to our doorsteps. However the upkeep of gardens is no child’s play; one needs to have a garden shed to ensure storage of tools, manure, insecticides and other things which might be needed for the upkeep of your garden. You might consider a garden shed as another storage unit inside your home. However a garden shed is no more another storage unit.

A garden shed is no more a storage unit. It is part of the landscape you have developed for your garden. It is part of the aesthetics of your outdoors. Its been a long journey for garden sheds from a simple storage unit used to store garden equipment to being the most beautiful the most trendy and the most sought after outdoor structure that will showcase your style, taste and lifestyle to the world. People want their garden sheds to look comfy, stylish, beautiful and most importantly they want them to solve an important purpose in their lives.

Garden sheds have become an integral part of stylish homes around the world. Spacious gardens, small garden any garden that is part of a home deserves a garden shed. A garden shed is just like a jewel in a crown. Your garden the crown for your home and the garden shed its jewel.

Here we have the best garden shed ideas, and we are sure you will love them, and save some of these on your phone for your next backyard renovation plan.

1. Classy Blue Garden Shed

This one is really gorgeous, made using old windows from a house. It is really a brilliant place to enjoy the rain outside during monsoon. Just make sure to keep it cozy from inside. I am sure you will love spending your warm nights in there with your partner.

blue Garden Shed ideas

2. Navy Blue Garden Shed

If you need a beautiful comfy shed to read the books you want to complete from a long time back, then this shed amid your lush green garden will serve the purpose for you. Look at its astonishing blue color, and the small deck at the front, where you can sit and admire the scene of your hard work.

Navy Blue Garden Shed

3. Tony Giammarino Garden Shed, Richmond

It’s a polygon-shaped Garden Shed by Tony Giammarino. It’s simple but chic, painted all in white. It has a great design style to use in the backyards with a modern plea. The door looks pastoral and eye-catching. You can use this medium-sized hut as a small guest room or an art studio. 

Tony Giammarino Garden Shed Richmond

4. Inviting Black Shed

Create an impact in your garden with this amazing black portable shed, in which you can keep everything organized, as it is designed to provide plenty of storage space in the racks and shelving inside. Love the long windows that creating an impact that no one can easily ignore.

Black Garden Shed ideas

5. Rustic Tin Garden Shed

This beautiful rustic tin garden shed is entirely build using recycled materials like old tin and pallet wood. It is supper classy and surely inexpensive to set in garden for everyone. The shed offers quite a spacious room. You can make it your little guest house or study room.

Rustic tin garden shed 1

6. Hobbit House Like Shed

This one looks really magical, gives a hobbit house-like feel. You can relate it to Rubeus Hagrid’s house in Harry Potter. Love the London-styled door and the arch window at the top, with a little planter hanging at front. The shed really can be a good space to enjoy evening coffee with a best friend.

Hobbit House like Garden Shed

7. Tiny Treehouse Like Garde Shed

This garden cabin gives the feel of a tiny treehouse. It is just lovely, just look at the cute staircase and the little patio. The cute shed could also be a nice doghouse in your garden, and a little storage room to keep all the garden tools organized. Really, this garden shed is so beautiful, small, simple, and functional.

Treehouse like garden shed ideas

8. Sky Blue Garden Shed

This little Sky blue Garden Shed can be your favorite place to rest in your backyard. You can have your evening tea with your friends sitting here or can have long gossip sessions. It’s just so amazing, airy and a treat to eyes.

Little Sky Blue Garden Shed

9. Farmhouse Shed

It is really a garden retreat. Look at the lavish beautiful walls; I am sure you’ll like its color. The garden shed provides farmhouse like feel, and it undoubtedly is one of the best garden sheds that anyone can have to create an impression about their property.

Farmhouse Shed

10. Small Guest Room Shed in Garden

This shed is an extremely dreamy space. Just look at these lovely glass windows and the arch-shaped door, aren’t they looking inviting? You can set up a cozy bed or a sofa in there and can enjoy a relaxing day in your backyard while watching the birds outside from the glass windows.

Small Guest Room Shed in Garden

11. White Fairytale Garden Shed

This shed will be a center of attraction in your garden and will increase the value of your overall property. Love its fairy house like roof and London-styled door. The build is truly incredible, and can spruce up any garden.

White Fairytale Garden Shed

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12. Art Studio Garden Cabin

This Art Studio Garden Cabin probably is the most relaxing shed you have come across in a long while. It looks so alluring with a pop-colored blue door and equally-aligned glass windows. You make this garden shed your guest house, art studio, or a personal office. It is just brilliant.

Art Studio Garden Cabin

13. Wooden Garden Shed

This simply amazing shed is in a Kentfield-based Artist’s garden. It gives a classic feeling of you can’t get over. It is a little private space to cut down the negativity of the world. Love it!

Rustic Wooden GardenShed

14. Rustic Wooden Garden Shed

This little garden cottage with an old rustic appeal will attract people who love spending time alone. The garden shed will look so appealing amid the lush green landscaping view of your backyard.

Rustic Wooden Garden Shed 1

15. MCGhee Farmhouse Shed, Salt Lake City

This is really incredibly installed at the side of the backyard. Can’t get over the welcoming red door, it looks amazing. Its a cute hut, you can have your me time with your favorite book and a classic cup of tea.

MCGhee Farmhouse Shed Salt Lake City

16. Modern Garden Shed

It’s a modern style cubic shed for contemporary homes and backyards. It is all made of wood and metal grills at the roof. The creator beautifully decked it up with green wall plants and large glass windows. It’s really a treat to the eyes.

Mordern Garden Shed

17. Garden House Traditional Shed, Boston

This traditional garden house shed in Boston is really unique and attractive. What a remarkable use of colors and natural building material. The roof is made of white cedar shingles and the entire build is made using sawn pine. The floor is of red cedars. Just love its alluring design.

Garden House Traditional Shed Boston

18. Potting Shed

This Potting Shed will add tons of charm to your backyard. It is all made of shingles by keeping classic traditional home designs in mind. Love the windows on both sides of the door. This shed will really spark up your entire backyard.

Potting Garden Shed

19. Boxwood Cottage Garden Shed

Now, this is a cottage-style garden shed in New York, America. Undoubtedly can be an amazing painting studio or a guest room to provide guests a rental home-like feel. You can deck it up in farmhouse-style from inside. It is just simply beautiful.

Boxwood Cottage Garden Shed

20. Small Pallet Garden Shed

If you just need a shed to store your garden equipment, then this is the best shed you can plan to set in your backyard. It is little, cute, and entirely made of pallet wood. Just love its unique design; must go for small backyards.

Small Pallet Garden Shed

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