Top 20 Accessories For a Smart Bathroom 1

Top 15 Smart Bathroom Accessories For a Future Ready Bathroom

Smart home automation with high-tech functionality is not science fiction; it exists in this era of internet of things (IoT). It now has become an integral part of our day to day routine, as it allows us to tap into high-tech features, luxury, and comfort that weren’t possible a long-ago. Technology advancements like having a central control of all home devices and managing them through phone or with Alexa, Siri, or Google voice assistant have made our life so much easier and enjoyable. Having appliances that can communicate with one another and us on a central network in real-time creates a unique ecosystem, which makes our life so much comfortable and effortless.

When we say a smart home; we are not only talking about smart controlled appliances like lighting, shades, heating systems, security systems, sound systems, TVs, and ACs. It also includes appliances and gadgets that we use in kitchens and bathrooms to make both the spaces a smart and up to date. In this era, we have smart products for almost every space in our homes. Today, we’ll explore what are all options we have, to make our bathrooms a smart bathroom and future-ready.

From a smart mirror and self-cleaning toilet to a shower system and bathtub, we have got you so many products you never knew you wanted in your bathroom. Here’re some of the best smart bathroom products or accessories that will surely make your bathroom pristine and your life easier.

1. Woodbridge Bath B0950S

Modern homeowners are increasingly interested in installing smart toilet systems in their bathroom. However, there are plenty of options available in the market today; Woodbridge Bath B0950S seems to be one of the most affordable options with most high-end features. The smart toilet system first welcomes you with the lid that automatically opens and shuts hands-free using a smart remote control. The futuristic toilet comes with an adjustable bidet that allows users to control the position, water pressure, and temperature according to their needs. All three adjustments (feminine, posterior, and pulsating wash) related to bidet can be controlled using the same wireless remote.

The toilet with instant water heating for warm seats and water takes care of your hygiene and comfort. It only uses sanitized filtered and water for the bidet, and dry the seat automatically after the use. For optimize cleaning, the bowl automatically flushes 1.28 gallons of water per flush on departure for hands-free sanitization. To get rid of unpleasant odors, the deodorizer effectively cleans the air around the toilet using powerful ionized carbon air filters. The toilet system glows off the cool blue night light to make the seat more welcoming.

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Top 20 Accessories For a Smart Bathroom to Make it a Future Ready

2. U by Moen Smart Shower

U by Moen is a Wi-Fi enabled smart shower that you easily can operate using a mobile app. The shower comes with a voice-controlled functionality that allows users to connect with it using voice commands to Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit, and Google Assistant. Means, a user can preset the desired water temperature, pressure setting for the decided bath time using the companion mobile app, or through the 5-inch digital controller equipped in the bathroom.

In addition, you can switch shower either to 2-outlet or 4-outlet shower setting to control the desired water pressure. The best thing is that you can turn on the shower on the shower from your bed or from anywhere using the app, as it gets ready, you will be notified with the mild tone. And you don’t have to reset the shower preferences every time. The smart shower lets you create and save up to 12 presets with a particular name, greeting, outlets, temperature, shower duration, and notifications.

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Top 20 Accessories For a Smart Bathroom to Make it a Future Ready 1

3. Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Who doesn’t love singing like a rockstar in the shower? Here’s a chance for you to embrace your inner rockstar and let that keep singing under the streaming shower. Get the iFox waterproof Bluetooth speaker, it’ll charge your mood in the shower playing your favorites tracks.

The shower connects with your phone playlist via Bluetooth in 6 seconds to play your favorite songs. Also, if you receive a call, you don’t have to run for your phone to answer that, just press the handy speakerphone button. The wireless rechargeable speaker lasts up to 10 hours and takes only 3 hours to charge completely.

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Bluetooth Shower Speaker

4. Toto Bathtub With Zero Dimensions

Toto Bathtub will be the best addition in your smart bathroom. It is the world’s first gravity-free bathtub that allows bathers to experience total weightlessness, just like in the space for stress-free relaxation. Since the bathtub offers a zero-gravity floating position for bathing; it has so many mental health benefits. Its innovative shape relaxes your body so much better than any standard bathtub. The health benefitting bathtub comes with Hydrohands. They are massaging water jets placed in different spots in the bathtub to soothe your tired muscles with spiraling motion for deeper body relaxation.

To make bathing an ultimately comfortable experience, an adjustable headrest with a cascading water shoulder warmer, 0.5 hp blower, and toe touch drain button are given by the designer.  Also to add more look, convenience, and a spa-like feel, mood creating LED lighting are added to the bathtub. The slip-resistant bathtub holds 77.5 gallons of water. In addition, it can be wholly controlled via an electrostatic touch controller onboard.

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Toto Bathtub With Zero Dimensions

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5. Mateo’s Smart Bathroom Mat

Mateo’s Mat is a must to keep your bathroom up to date in 21st century with the latest technology and interesting health benefiting features. Looks like any ordinary bathroom mat; the smart bathroom mat keeps tracks of meaningful health data including body weight, posture, and composition. The thin, flexible, and comfy mat with interchangeable covers has 7000 dots-pressure mapping system inside. These pressure points identify each person’s body metrics in the family and give tailored advice to the companion app or a connected mirror that you can buy separately.

The app follows strict privacy protocols to keep your personal data secure, and do not send your data to the public internet.

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Top 20 Accessories For a Smart Bathrooms

6. Keonjinn Smart Mirror

The Keonjinn mirror not only impresses with its simple and elegant design but also with its ultra-tech modern features. The new generation mirror is equipped with LED lights with dimmer and anti-fog system. The light intensity can be controlled individually from normal to medium and brightest via a touch button on the mirror. You just need to touch the button for only 3 seconds to change one light setting to another. The LED lights in the mirror are durable enough to provide you lighting over 50,000 hours.

The anti-fog switch is given separately on the mirror. Therefore, you can turn on the anti-fog button only when required to prevent wasting energy. The smart mirror is also copper-free and lead-free, and entirely made from environmentally friendly materials, so if you are an eco-conscious, the mirror is the right pick for you.

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Keonjinn LED Backlit Smart Mirror

7. Göz Bathroom Emergency Monitoring Device

Level up the security in your bathroom with Göz. It’s a bathroom security monitoring device to prevent bathroom injuries and emergencies due to accidents on slippery bathroom floors. Designed by Berk Ilhan, an award winning industrial designer, the smart bathroom product consists of three elements – a motion detecting bathtub drain, a motion detecting LED bulb and a companion app. The monitoring device detects if you are fallen down, and tracks your body movements. In case, there is no movement in your body or you fall down in shower, Göz immediately calls for help with its companion smartphone app.

All you need to do is install the smart LED bulb and drain in your bathroom, install the supporting app on your smartphone and insert certain details like whom to call and send alerts at the time of emergency. The smart home device is also integrated with speakers and two-way speakerphones, to allow the injured person to call for help.

Göz monitors your security in bathtubs too. So if something happens to you in the bathtub, or there is a lack of movement in your body, the mechanism automatically drains the water off from the bathtub, to prevent you drowning, and then it immediately calls for the help.

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Goz Smart Home Monitoring Device

8. LIFX Smart Light

LIFX clean is the world’s first antibacterial, germ killer smart LED bulb that is already being confirmed for efficiency against the Coronavirus.  The light bulb has a High Energy Visible (HEV) setting that helps to kill harmful bacteria in a bathroom or room. It doesn’t harm your skin and your pet friends in anyway. You can install this light bulb in your bathroom near the washbasin or toilet seat to protect yourself from getting sick. You just need to turn it on and it will start sanitizing your space. You could do it while taking a nap in your bedroom or doing dishes in the kitchen. The disinfecting smart light claims to kill 99.99% of bacteria overnight. The closer and longer the light is to a surface the better it will disinfect germs.

The smart bulb is fully compatible with all the popular voice assistants today like Amazon Alexa, Google, and Apple HomeKit. The product is a must to get in this current COVID 19 era. Buying it will not hurt your pocket, as it comes for only AU$100 (approx $72). You can even install it in your cupboard to disinfect your clothes.

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LIFX Smart Light

9. Backlit LED Wall Mounted Smart Mirror

The Alice smart mirror comes with very sleek minimalist design. One additional feature that makes the smart mirror stands apart from the rest is that it has with Bluetooth connectivity feature, which lets you connect with your smartphone to jazz up on your favorite tracks in the bathroom.

The mirror also comes with a 360-degree sound system to make every day showering a party-like experience. In addition, the smart mirror has built-in LED lights and anti-fog system, which you can turn on and off by the visible buttons on its surface.

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Alice Smart Mirror Backlit LED Wall Mounted Smart Mirror

10. Jentxon Touchless Soap Dispenser

This might be one of the smallest products in the list but essentially required in this COVID time.   The Jentxon touchless soap dispenser gives out liquid soap or sanitizer without you ever have to touch the pump. The product not only prevents bacterial transmission and cross-contamination but also encourages little kids to wash their hands regularly with its playful design. It is powered by 4 AAA batteries, can standby more than 2 months. To turn it on you’ll just have to touch the power button on the top. You can switch to two dispensing modes with the smart dispenser. The first mode with a blue indicator dispenses 1.2g soap in 0.8 seconds, and the second mode with a green indicator dispenses 1.6g soap in 1.2 seconds. Its waterproof design can be easily wiped with a damp cloth or towel.

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Jentxon Touchless Soap Dispenser

11. Delta Touch2 Smart Faucet

The touch activated Delta touch2 smart faucet helps you to keep your faucet free with three ways to operate; manually with the handle, with a light touch anywhere on the spout or faucet handle and by placing your hand near of beneath the faucet. The smart faucet comes with Alexa support. Means, you will be able to operate it with voice commands to turn the water on/off or dispense water in certain temperature and quantity.

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Delta Touch2 Smart Faucet

12. Oral-B Pro 3000 3D White Electric Toothbrush

We have added everything to the list then why not a smart toothbrush that ensures complete germ-free cleanliness of your mouth. The Orab-B Pro smart toothbrush analyzes your brushing habits and sends you alerts after every 30 seconds with a mild tone to tell when you need to switch to a new area of a mouth. The rechargeable toothbrush lasts up to 10 days after one time of full charging.

The smart toothbrush uses Bluetooth to connect to the Oral-B app, to help you do personal monitoring of your dental health. It will be an amazing product to provide you comfort and satisfaction regarding your oral health.

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Oral B Pro 3000 3D White Electric Toothbrush

13. LG ThinQ Smart Washer

Now you can protect messing up your delicate clothes by washing them all together in one go. LG ThinQ front loading washing machine cum dryer is quite smart to sense what clothes you toss in and adjust its cycle accordingly. The machine is AI-powered, automatically adds the right amount of liquid detergent and fabric softer considering the load size and fabric type. The smart washer also gives recommendations for wash cycles to remind you when you are running low for detergent and fabric softener. It also sends alerts for special cycles and lets you control the functions with simple voice commands.

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LG ThinQ Smart Washer

14. Ellipse Smartphone-Controlled Radiator

Improve the atmosphere in your bathroom with the Ellipse bathroom radiator cum towel warmer. It’s a freestanding radiator with lavish design and smart functions to control with a smartphone using a compatible app. It comes in just the right size for hanging clothes and can be used in different living spaces of a home or office. The radiator also offers pleasing light to add to the ambiance and make the atmosphere cozier.

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Ellipse Smartphone controlled free standing radiator

15. Kohler Moxie Showerhead with Alexa Smart Speaker

Kohler Moxie Showerhead with Alexa smart speaker is definitely a must-have product for a music lover and a future rockstar. If you enjoy jazzing up on your favorite beats in the shower then you should get this showerhead that lets you slot in Alexa-powered portable speakers. Means, you’ll now be able to ask Alexa to queue up your favorite songs, order you your favorite food for after bath, tell you weather details, and current news.

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Kohler Moxie Showerhead and Alexa Smart Speaker

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