Wooden home decor ideas that wont create a hole in your pocket featured

Wooden home decor ideas that won't create a hole in your pocket

Wooden home decor ideas that wont create a hole in your pocket featured

We all want our homes to look chic and elegant. But whenever we think of redecorating our, house one thought always crosses our mind. How much would it cost? Not everyone wants to spend hundreds of dollars on it. Wooden home decors have changed the game for all those who want to keep it under a specific budget. Apart from being budget-friendly wooden home decors are durable and stylish. They transform the whole look of your place, giving it an aesthetic vibe.

Here are some wooden home decor ideas which will fulfill your requirements and won’t create a hole in your pocket. We have sorted out the home decor items according to different areas of a house.


Wooden Wall Art

Wall arts redefine your house in tons of different ways. It is an essential element that binds the whole home together. Wooden wall arts should be on the list of your home decor items. They are beautiful pieces of art bringing life to your space. You can even make one if you have some leftover piece of wood. Amp up your wooden art with lights and see how the house shines.

Wooden wall art decor Image: Pinterest

Deck up with trendy wooden coasters

Save your tabletops from the cup stains and bring in wooden coasters. It might not sound that big of an idea initially, but the difference it will create won’t go unnoticed. You can have customized coasters with words engraved on them. We bet your coasters will adorn your coffee table.

Wooden Coasters foe wooden home decor Image: Pinterest

Inspirational Wooden Signs

Begin your morning with a glance at some inspirational quotes hanging all across your living area. Why have only quotes engraved on these signs? You can also have the most important dates of your life like birthdays or anniversaries on them. Let them speak about what holds most dear to you. These wooden signs are inexpensive and eyecatching.

Wooden Home Decor ideas that wont create a hole in your pocket 1 Image: Pinterest


Shelve it up

Every kitchen needs shelves, then why not have wooden ones. These shelves are sturdy and give a fancy look to the abode. Fill them up with cups, plates, or your favorite china dinner set. Easy to make if you have the tools to do it. You can also take help from a carpenter to get the job done. Your kitchen will have a countryside feel to it.

Rustic Wooden Shelves for kitchen Image: Pinterest

Use Wooden Utensils:

Wooden Utensils have proven to be the best amongst a whole lot of kitchen tools. They handle heat very well, so no more burnouts. Your pickle won’t give you any metallic aftertaste if you prepare it with a wooden spatula. Non-stick pans & pots get scratched easily, but with a wooden spoon, your worries are over. Apart from all of this, they are budget & eco-friendly.

Wooden utensils Image: Pinterest


Old Wooden ladder lets reuse it

Do you have a broken or old wooden ladder lying in your basement? Why throw it away then when you can reuse it. Shortened up the ladder as per your requirement, scrape out the old paint (if any), and paint it with colors of your choice. Ta-daah, now your broken ladder is ready to use. Tie-down mini plants to their steps with the help of a rope and create more space in your garden area.

Wooden Home Decor ideas that wont create a hole in your pocket 3 Image: Pinterest

DIY Bird House

Birdhouses are the pride of every garden. This tiny living space for birds prettifies your garden and helps sustain our ecosystem as well. Your garden will also remain pest-free since birds eat insects. The thing about birdhouses is that you don’t have to pay a lot for them. You can either buy it or make it on your own. Some pieces of wood and hand tools are sufficient to build one. Decorate it with bells and beads. It might take some time & labor, but the results will be worth it.

Wooden birdhouse design ideas Image: Pinterest


Decorate your mirror

There is at least one mirror in every room. The reason that we have mirrors is to see our reflection. But do you know by doing some small, changes you can make your mirrors look a bit more classy? Buying fancy mirrors will cost you a lot. We have a hack for you so that you won’t feel left out. Use twigs or some chippings and stick them around your mirror. The look of the wall changes, and your room will get a rustic ambiance.

Wooden DIY mirror decoration Image: Pinterest


Is your wooden home decor even complete if you don’t have a wooden vase? Flowers give life to places, bring in color to the dull environment, and vases hold down the flowers. Wooden vases without making your pockets heavy glamorize your room. We would recommend you try some DIY tricks to make one yourself.

Wooden decor vases Image: Pinterest

Wooden Bowls

You might be thinking, why is there a bowl in your bedroom? Well, this within-the-budget idea keeps your necklaces and rings in one place. It looks elegant, and you won’t have trouble finding those dangling items in the future.

Wooden decor ideas for bedroom Image: Pinterest


Towel Hanger

Planned to decorate your house but didn’t bother to beautify your bathroom. Why? Introduce some wooden home decor items into your bathing areas. It will help you in bringing uniformity to the house. Wooden towel hangers look amazing on the bathroom walls. You can keep some scented candles on the shelf provided above the hangers.

Wooden towel hanger Image: Pinterest

A Wooden box for your essentials

Use a wooden box to keep all your essentials like(soap, shampoo, Lofa, conditioner, etc.) You can even have a separate wooden box for each family member. Write some cool or motivational quotes on it. Put in some flowers to decorate it. Hang your wooden box on the sides of your basin with beautiful lace rope.

DIY wooden box for bathroom decor Image: Pinterest

Brush Holder

Get rid of that plastic toothbrush holder and have a wooden one. The wooden brush holder doesn’t let germs and bacterias sit on it. This way, your toothbrush remains free from any unwanted material. These holders give a neat look to the basin area. You can even have a wooden holder for your hairbrushes.

DIY wooden bathroom decor Image: Pinterest

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